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  1. Actually, it'd be fun to see a class whose primary attack ability is just slapping ofuda on everything.
  2. But they are, that's why I only play Gears of Honor: Modern Battlefield. Anyway, trying to write a good relationship has just as much chance of success as of failure, and usually there will be both people who like 'em and who hate 'em. Not wanting them to be included is only a justifiable reaction if you don't want them included out of fear that there won't be good non-romance interaction with romance-able NPC's (or fear it'll cause the game to blow it's budget). If that isn't your reason for wanting them excluded, then you're just being petty.
  3. A combination of inherent natural tendencies and tradition. Think of the communalities and differences between population groups right here IRL on Earth. -EXAMPLES NOT INCLUDED FOR POSSIBLE NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT-
  4. It could work... if you keep the game on a small scale, see the Way of the Samurai games: the story can go a multitude of ways, but the events are contained in both space: a single village+environs/city/... And time: a limited amount of days, seperated in phases(early morning, morning, ..., evening, late night). To expand those factors, you'd need exponentially more memory for storage and designing/production time.
  5. Well the more I learn about the game, the more I wonder if it's too late to get a refund.
  6. No, a sequencer is when you store a number of spells to be cast at once. He's thinking Skyrim, obviously an example of all we want out of P:E [/sARCASM]
  7. If we are talking about realism, how about making the heads of battle axes tiny in comparison to the ridiculous stuff we see in most games? And the same for warhammers as well, a'course. The warhammer used in medieval Europe was used to pierce through the helmet of your opponent, so if the head was even a bit too large, not only wouldn't you be able to swing it at even semi-decent speed, it wouldn't be as lethal.
  8. "Hey Bob, do I throw the half orc on the pile of humans, or the pile of orcs?" "Just make a new pile for half orcs, Jim."
  9. Unless it's the kind of illusions where the magic user directly manipulates light.
  10. Mechanics-wise if Cyphers have Illusion spells, wouldn't they be focused more around fooling a specific creature/a specific group of creatures whereas Wizard Illusions should be indiscriminate (so a wizzie could cast darkness and blind your fighters as well as the opponents)? THat is, considering Cyphers are said to be based on psionicists, and when I think of psionics, I think of playing with people's minds.
  11. Nah, the closest you had were spears with points on both ends. Those double swords would be completely impractical to use single handed, and double handed you've got the problem of having limited range when both your hands are full. They might slightly resemble combat staves, but combat staves have the advantage of decent reach. Double handed weapons usually need to have a reach advantage (think pikes or halberds. Not spears, those were used single-handed in most of Europe) otherwise you're just gonna get steamrolled by sword 'n shield fighters. Of course in close quarters the use of long weapons was usually a bad idea. Not to mention double swords would probably be difficult to forge and quite a waste of good iron.
  12. Pacifist or Evil is how I roll.

  13. There's monks, they're dual wielding fists, feet, elbows, knees, shoulder and head. Or maybe we could have dual-blade type weapons (which were generally pretty terrible in DnD).
  14. The game WILL have more then just combat, you know? If one of the PC's could end up brokering a peace between two nations or something it would be cool, but I kinda feel that's just too much power to give the player. On the other hand, Arcanum kinda pulled it off, so maybe it could work.
  15. Maybe we'll get dirk and targe... A shield with a big spike counts as weapon, right? Or maybe I could charge a garrison armed with only the spike on my helmet.
  16. On the other hand, you could... NOT make a series out of it, or at least not a protagonist-transmissive series (the Divine Divinity series, as well as Spidweb's Exile/Avernum series are good examples of the latter).
  17. Graphically, I suppose manifesting the effects as/in clouds of words could be interesting. Mechanically, the basic concept was solid: speaking truenames alters reality itself, and the more utterances (as the "spells" were called) the truenamer utters, the more difficult the skill check becomes (because of the nature of truenaming success was entirely based on skill checks). If the difficulty was centered more around the level/power of the utterance, then you'd remove the big deal breaker. The main reason they resembled bards so much was because of attack bonus, speech based casting (meaning they are much more vulnerable to silencing then normal mages), the fact that they have a fair combination of healing, buffing and attack spells, and the fact they gained a free +3 knowledge bonus up to 4 times during levelling up. Also interesting was that they could scry on any named creature once per day.
  18. A D&D3.5 class form one of the many splat books. They weren't playtested, and their abilities weakened as they levelled up. But the concept was fun: they'd learn "words of power" or "truenames" that can be used normal or in reverse, which allows for the standard damage ability to be used as a healing ability. At 20th level they got an ability so one of their companions could say their name and they'd immediatly teleport to that person. I had fun with that. It's generally considered to be a bad class, but for low levels, they kinda work like bards.
  19. Voice acting has got way too many disadvantages. I'd rather there'd be none at all, or at the most, something like in the IE games where only the very first line of dialog was voiced.
  20. Good dialog. Visual design might be nice, but good dialog will more then make up for any kind of graphical letdown.
  21. C Sharp, a'course. He's gonna reprogram the entire game into a dating sim.
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