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  1. If you want to play as a brutal, savage, evil race, just make a human character. Aside from that, though having a monstrous race to play as would be great, though I think it's already been said that your character would get some extent of negative reactions from certain factions from the get go. So when it comes to race I already am a happy camper. And don't make 'em noble savages with a shamanistic tribal whatever, that's just a cheap cop out and reference to the colonization of the Americas.
  2. Changing seasons could make it take longer to complete 100% of all quests, which is something I'm in favor of. It could also provide some extra strategy (such as fire elementals being stronger in summer, but weaker in winter, so be careful what you summon) to the game. But I doubt it will make it in, and if it does, then it will probably cost us climate changes based on latitude. Money and time are limited, after all. I like the wait/rest systems of TES and Arcanum more then IE's "8 hours rest," but I think that was more due to the source material (D&D) then the design team. Aside from that, I think if the IE games had it, it'll probably make it in, if not, I can only hope it'll make it in. Time-based mechanics are always cool.
  3. I love rolling green hills and forested mountains. Then again, anything that isn't barren feels more lively and attractive then empty plains with oddly shaped rock #12. I also like rivers because water is a source of reflection which can be used to great effect in visual design.
  4. How did IE games do it? I only remember BG2 had a seperate tut which was pretty cool. PS:T didn't have a tutorial but it wasn't really about the gameplay anyway. I don't remember how BG and IWD did it.
  5. Just because the team doesn't add specific pacifist options for encounters doesn't mean a pacifist playthrough would be impossible. Running away is just as pacifist as talking your enemy down or sneaking past. I've managed to get pretty far in some combat focused games (not only RPGs) by exploiting the AI's targetting and kiting enemies with a hasted rogue so the rest of the party can just walk on ahead. Anyway, if Nethack can be completed as a pacifist, why wouldn't it be possible in Project Eternity? And don't go quoting that avelone guy. After the game gets released we'll see just how badly it can be broken, and what can and can't be done.
  6. Anyone remember when the plan was getting $1.1M over the course of a month? Anyway, due to not having the funds I'll buy the xpac when it comes out instead of increasing my pledge to $250. If that is even possible with PayPal (weren't they saying they wanted to get all their tiers straightened out before getting PayPal?).
  7. So I finally got to donate. Now I just have to wait until I can donate the $20 for international shipping.
  8. If you want the player to have, like, options (rescue the princess to get the key, steal the key, talk the king into giving the key away, killing everyone in the castle to get the key, getting someone else to steal the key for you,...) then voice acting will push the game wa~y over any reasonable price limit.
  9. Arcanum had an interesting magic system based more on stamina then mana. Fallout didn't have any magic. KoTOR2, NWN2, TOEE, V:tMB and the Infinity Engine games were based on existing IPs. While something new could be very interesting, I'm placing my vote for the Arcanum style with maybe a bit more polish. And now I really want to play some good old games.
  10. It doesn't have to be achievements, but some type of recognition for (for example) playing through as a pacifist would be interesting. While in-game reactions (think Iji) would of course be the most interesting, I'd be happy with even something as small as an achievement. Looking over gained achievements can also lead to a sense of nostalgia (ah yes, the "defeating the Great Wyrm of Tyria" achievement, I remember fighting that thing like it was yesterday...) and they could also be used as a way of letting people know what kind of options they have (an achievement for getting five different endings? I thought there were only three!) On the other hand: achievements really don't mesh well with the whole "taking things back to yesteryear" theme of the project...
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