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  1. Well damn =/ I was hoping to be able to get the collectors edition... ah well I guess I shouldn't get too worked up about it. I'll just wait and see if I get another chance that's all.
  2. To make this simple, have I really lost my chance at getting the boxed version of this game? I thought they'd leave that option up, guess I was completely wrong =X. I wanted to see more of the game before I actually pledged... After being so disappointed this year (A game called devil in spanish... not to mention any names!) . But after playing PS:T and IWD again... I kind of feel like an idiot =(. I was going to wait for a while, to see some of the content itself, also save some money for it. Blast! Will there be no more chances at buying a boxed copy? (aside from the Ebay pillaging tha
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