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  1. There's always the player house with player created characters... Yep, I am going to get a max of three Obsidian-created companions so I am all for this!
  2. I don't care about when it happens, as long as we get to control a new main character!
  3. Sadly, I can't, my credit card doesn't work with Paypal, so... yeah, I pretty much need amazon payments or some other method ;_;
  4. It's more than enough if they are as polished as Torment's, although I would've liked to have nine or ten, so I could play three times with three different companions
  5. Is there any possibility of us being able to upgrade our pledges via amazon payments? I really want to get the soundtrack cd... :(
  6. But wasn't the game supposed to have a wide range of slangs? I recall reading Sawyer saying that he was going to base one of them on medieval english, some others in modern and so on, so using only Spain's spanish would hurt the setting, but the same would happen if they used only our version of the language. Look at what happened with Little King's Story, it made a lot of references from a lot of cultures in the english version, while the spanish one only drew from Chiquito de la Calzada (a comedian from Spain), with DISASTROUS results. In the end, the translation team WILL have to implement not only Spain's and Latin America's, but as many other dialects as needed to cover every style of talking Obsidian uses for the original english version, so... yeah, we should focus our efforts on ensuring they do so.
  7. Can I use amazonpayments to increase my pledge? I suppose not, but I have some hopes...
  8. You shouldn't take this so seriously, there was a lot of people asking for shirtless Avellone/Sawyer too, and sometimes they were even more than the girl's "fans", and I don't see anyone complaining about it, maybe there were some stupid 15-year teens, but it's likely that most people merely joked about it.
  9. Arcanum-style manual would be amazing, maintaining the game's vibe and adding LOTS of curious lore, someone should build an altar for the guy who created the introduction and the race's descriptions!
  10. Has it been confirmed that the first big-city is going to be human-based? I'd prefer to have both cities to be from non-human races, maybe having both mega-cities be from each one of the "weird" unrevealed races? Elf or dwarf-based would be great also!
  11. I agree with this, I want a new protagonist in a distant land, with your actions in the original game having certain big influences, but that's it. Edit: Oh, and definitely NO Baldur's Gate 1, New Vegas or Morrowind-style expansions, I just HATE how they break the original's game balance by giving you a lot of extra levels and equipment, and how they tend to rely on freaking auto-level in order to pose a challenge regardless of when do you tackle on them.
  12. Oh, wait, but the companion interaction was superior in PS:T compared to BG... :sweat: Yeah, this, I don't know about modded versions, but the original Baldur's Gate games, while having pretty decent companion interaction, can't compare to the level of detail we got in Torment (that Dak'kon's wisdom-based quest...), heck, Mask of the Betrayer, KOTOR2 and New Vegas did it better too! Can you get into detail about this, Josh?
  13. I would love the 2.9 stretch goal adding more races, companions and classes, like: -3 new companions. -2 new races. -2 new classes. And then with 3.2-3.3 millions we would get: -2 new factions. -New Locations. -A lot of new content for existing locations, extra text and quests for companions and all that stuff. -Bigger than Torment, bigger than Fallout 2, bigger than Baldur's Gate 2, bigger than Arcanum! Although probably we are going to have that extended player-house goal before anything else, but, wasn't the original player-house a 200k stretch goal? Isn't that enough for a fully fleshed stronghold? Or was the goal shared with some other extra stuff? If so then it makes sense, but I still wouldn't like to have more house-related goals, I want moar adventure-related content! But really, isn't 200k a bit too much money for a player-house with a few quests?
  14. I prefer Fallout 2/Baldur's Gate 2-style world, preferably more like F2 than like BG2, I don't like those big but pretty empty areas from the first Baldur's Gate (or from Bethesda's games), instead, I love to visit zones with LOTS of content, like cities, caves, dungeons and all that stuff
  15. And what it has to do with camera? I related it to all the camera stuff as I suppose depending on how it is implemented, the transparent-roof thingie may or may not be as efficient, but yeah, maybe this should be it's own thread...
  16. I just want to be able to enter most houses without silly charge-times, Arcanum and Fallout did this in an amazing way, Baldur's Gate and Torment did not...
  17. Nice! But are you going to allow the rogue characters to approach stealth in non-lethal ways? Something I hated from the IE games was that being one didn't allow you to slip unnoticed to avoid the blood-spilling, instead, the game only let you put traps, do critical attacks and stuff like that, and if you tried to send your stealthy guy to ghost trhu the hostiles, the most you could hope for was a beautiful "YOU MUST GATHER YOUR PARTY" message, which feels somewhat underwhelming, strategies like sending the rogue alone so he talks down the leader of the enemy group should be taken in account... What do you think about this, Josh?
  18. Oh well, cannot really think about a good title, can you guys add me to the list meanwhile? I will post it as soon as I get a good idea, I promise!
  19. I love you. Back away, he is mine! ALL MINE! Now seriously, you rock Josh! But you guys really should make an update or something, I still don't like some of the cooldown stuff, though I hope you get to do it well enough.
  20. Didn't Unity get adapted for the WiiU? And there is the tablet, too! I wouldn't see anything wrong in Obsidian adapting the game for said platform, as long as it is AFTER the original development has been finished.
  21. I'm not sure they have all the particular mechanical details hammered out despite the decision, so that's why this thread is good to air ideas that can counter a lot of the perceived problems about it. The big mystery still is, indeed, how souls factor into everything. I'd love to see some dev input here too, if possible... I remember reading in the "Souls and technology" update that the soul-energy-thingie was something that living beings drew from constantly, so it's likely that it will have some role in the overall spell system. But yeah, they should really get into detail with the cooldown stuff, and soon, the backslash is there and it won't help the project at all if they just ignore it.
  22. They could base cooldowns in the amount of soul energy the environment has, so, in this one cave it would be harder to use your high level magicz, while maybe in that god's palace the energy would be so much that not only you, but the enemy mages would be able to cast spells like there is no tomorrow, making such encounters radically different and in some cases even more challenging despite being able of using more spells, that way you make cooldowns not only positive for the gameplay, but also coherent within the world's lore. Also, if they take difficulty in account they could make something much better than the vancian system, with rest restrictions and spells that take up to one or two hours of real time to cooldown in the hard difficulty, something a bit more forgiving in easy, and much harder in the special hardcore modes, while still taking zone modifiers in account. In the end it all depends on implementation, of course, if they go down the "everything recharges at max five minutes" route we are pretty much f***ed.
  23. Thanks! Is the 'NWN2-hater of the Obsidian Order' title available? If so, I would love to get it, my hate for that game can't be measured with words, damn, I miss those 60 hours of my life, why in the world did I think that it would be a good idea to play it instead of going directly for the amazing MOTB? WHY?! ;_; Oh, whatever, let's get more people to pledge their moneyz to the game!
  24. Oh, crap, crafting and alchemy? Damn, I really hope you make that like Arcanum did with its schematics, requiring a lot of specialization from the player, and not allowing you to get UBER-POWERFUL when you've only played 10 hours of the game.
  25. I upped my pledge by 8 dollars some days ago but I really haven't decided what title to use, so I suppose I will just make another post later.
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