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  1. Well I feel stupid now, sort of dropped my money without watching the video, but instead based on Black Isle making it and assumed it would be another NWN2 type game. Guess there is nothing to worry about then. I expect rage from Codexians on anything that isn't Fallout, Arcanum or Torment (I've done my share of lurking there). Don't really care though, the game has the best 3D movable camera system and the rest of the game being average won't change that.
  2. Project Eternity has the potential to be one of the best RPGs in a long, long time. With that said I'm really hoping that Obsidian take the time to make sure the camera is not neglected. The best game to look for inspiration for this feature is Dragon Age: Origins. You could zoom the camera in and out smoothly, move with WASD like it felt natrual, jump between party members and that type of thing with pretty much no hassle, and there was no real issue on terrain obstruction. Too bad the rest of the game had a lot of problems between the terrible MMO combat and extended dungeon crawling for no reason. I was really disappointed when I picked up Neverwinter Nights 2 and the camera felt like it was a complete and utter mess. There were 3 modes by Storm of Zehir that all felt clumsy and not at all fluid enough for a game of this type. Add in the camera getting stuck a lot more then it should and WASD having a really clunky feel and you have a mess. In contrat with Origins, this game was really good outside of the camera problems. Anyone else feel the same way?
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