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  1. That is just wonderful. Thank you. Hi Jay Whilst the item will be in game unfortunately it'll be in the expansion not the first instalment of the game due to my late submission on the backer tier (was absent for several months so couldn't complete it when necessary). This is the email I got recently: Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you were in the hospital and were unable to complete your survey by the deadline. We won't be able to incorporate your item in the main game but it will be included in the Expansion Pack. Thanks for your support, Matthew Sheets || QA Lead Obsidian Entertainment Still awesome though.
  2. For on-line gaming with new groups I would suggest fan pages for the game itself. Find groups dedicated to the game who are desperate to start a new one. Another option is to make your game on a site like obsidian portal and advertise for new players their.
  3. I always like the idea of tricking my opponents into wiping themselves out. Basic version. The thieves guild want me dead for stealing something they had there eyes on. The city guard want whoever stole it behind bars. The city guard have been given the location of a thieves guild den by an unknown source.
  4. Title says it all http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/feed-dump/8712-Runners-Sliders-Designers
  5. Creating worlds is something I have often been guilty of as a DM and it is easy to get carried away. I'm guessing your DM spent a lot of time creating areas and adventures but perhaps never put as much time into the start of the game. The intro can be everything to a game if your players are bored before you've even gotten to the plot something went very wrong. I always try to only create the starting area. Let my players loose on it, try desperately to keep up with them and then tailor the rest of the world around their lunacy. When I think to far ahead I can lose track of the start.
  6. Having an NPC who has issues with addiction if done correctly could be very interesting. They start off as a high functioning addict, you wouldn't even know if you hadn't seen them take it. You even believe them when they say its purely recreational. Then the brutality of the campaign sets in. You've all seen death maybe even lost someone close to along way. There's no way its recreational now. The characters health starts to deteriorate they're not as good as they were. Didn't you used to have more gold? You confront them they refuse to admit they have a problem. You only see them again when they've hit the bottom. What the hell happened to them on the way down?
  7. Quick compare on characters and gear is always a welcome addition in an rpg
  8. Welcome. To the forums and all the excitable people they contain.
  9. Welcome, it is a lovely group of people. Who I hid from for a year to avoid spoiling myself on this game.
  10. First of all apologies if this is elsewhere I couldn't find an answer through search. Is it possible to increase my pledge at this time? During the Kickstarter I gave what I could afford, but now I can give more. I am currently on the $50 tier plus OOoE. If possible I would jump to $110 tier plus OOoE.
  11. I watched my grandfather die due to cancer. It was one of the most heart wrenching and heart warming moments of my life as during the long process and afterwards my family spend the whole time telling stories about the man who loved nothing more than to tell stories. Ever since I get a check up annually and do what I can to promote awareness. Including growing facial hair for a month. I hope his end is peaceful and your family can remember not the sick man that he became, but the sailor, the writer and the man who refused to accept defeat.
  12. With the winter break it's to be expected. I'm sure they'll have something new to tease us with soon enough.
  13. I was curious of that myself. I understand people wanting it but everyone knows what the game will be. Surely there must be a new game that captures peoples imagination more.
  14. I will usually always play with the games companions. I will also try and get there personalities to clash at times even if its to my own detriment.
  15. All for variety in the virtual people I choose to associate with all for it. Spider Illithid, Illithid bit by a Spider or Spider bit by an Illithid?
  16. Part of me feels this delay is more of a release strategy. Probably seen as a better release window for the game. Although I would expect some little tweaks long the way.
  17. I am usually a fan of more randomised stats when GM'ing. I usually let my players roll up to 3 times. If they choose to re-roll they cant pick the last roll. Kind of a gamble but often works well.
  18. Is it possible to discuss a game like the Stanley Parable without spoiling it. I loved it. I recommend everyone try it, or at very least the demo (which is a different experience to the game but has the same feel) That's about as much as I think I could say without ruining the experience.
  19. The first one looks like cactus man wants a hug. He's not a villain at heart he just wants to be loved. There were no survivors Second looks like something from my nightmares has started melting and is still coming for me.
  20. Amalur done some cool things however they didn't understand how to budget their game and lost a lot of money. Eternity will likely be more humble in terms of design. Like Quadrone said transitions will most likely be very similar to the Infinity games.
  21. I always like when groups recognise when you help or hinder them. NPC's who start of cold eventually welcome you with open arms. Would be nice to see a member of the faction end up betraying you and you fall for because you were friends. While his faction are good people the individual can still be malicious. Although part of the enjoyment from reputation systems does come from saving the game then going on a killing spree and watching the reaction of those who loved you turn to hate. We've all done it when stuck on a quest or get annoyed by an NPC.
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