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  1. Finally looking through the January update, I noticed an Alpha screenshot of the character sheet UI. While overall it looks really nice and has lots of information in it, I worry there isn't an easy way to "compare" two different characters. I notice a character's name at the top with arrows pointing left and right. My issue is that let's say you have two characters who can use the same item and you want to compare their stats but there's three characters between them in the list order. You have to keep clicking back and forth to do your compare, and that sounds like the kind of tedium
  2. What I would really like to see, and what I think could really help this system out, is a way to track recipes you intend to craft. Especially if there are dozens and dozens of recipes, it can be a real chore to find a dropped crafting item, sort through a million recipes because you can't remember if you needed 4 or 5 mithril nails (or something like that), and then checking your inventory to verify how many you have. If there was a way to mark a specific recipe as "tracked" (or whatever term), and then it appears on a tab or something in one of the main menus that at a glance showed you
  3. What about an ascended deity who was once mortal? Often the deification came at enormous cost, both in their mortal life and in their ascendance/ascended state. There's a lot of depth and room for exploration of character in a god who can recollect mortal existence, but not as more than faint memories. The sacrifice necessary to become a god, too, would have significant impact on their deity existence (much like Vecna of the D&D pantheon).
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