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  1. I just finished it and I spent about the same time as you OP, I read probably everything and derped around pushing the boundaries of what I could beat at my current level. I'm pretty sure I finished Blood Legacy way before I was supposed to. I agree on the path finding issue sometimes it could really screw you over during a fight. Another issue was that the hunter and rogue classes felt really bland compared to the others. I mean I know they do great damage but they just seemed to have been left out abilities wise.
  2. I freed the girl with Grieving Mother and killed both the cult and that disgusting Doemenel. Honestly I was considering making him pay me off but he really didn't deserve to live. I only wish you could have given her a home at the stronghold rather than send her away. It was weird. I told her to go to a city seemed silly to keep her nearby where the Doemenels might get her. It was strange you couldn't give her any cash or anything either.
  3. I was kind of torn between Berath, Wael and Hylea I felt like my character thought that messing with souls was the absolute worst and I was eager to 'set things straight'. I went with Hylea though because my mind somehow picked out that poor woman in Ondra's Gift who lost her son because of her **** of a husband. At least she got her little girl back. Worth it.
  4. Yeah I really love that kind of genre that's popped up with Creepypastas and online ARGs. I actually really loved the storyline in the Secret World, it's a shame the game didn't get as much attention as others and was poorly managed. Supernatural is great though it fell in quality after Kripke finished his main storyline. Bioware's recently cancelled game Shadow Realms had a great creepy set up but was let down by the actual game being super bland. I don't think Obsidian will fall foul of that! I agree it would make a great game, it's a nice idea
  5. It's the cutest cat though It says it right there in the game so it must be true.
  6. Sure it was. Not sure how you can call it anything else. They released concept art. People then whined about it. So they changed it. Oh, no. Not me. I did not engage in the boob plate controversy of 2012 at all. I merely sat back and observed the Biowaresque insanity as it was unfolding around me. And wondering why it matters, to anyone, whether or not their 2-inch-tall companions' would maintain their shapely figures while wearing armor. I brought up the Boob plate thing here on this thread because it is a perfect example of someone getting offended by an artistic developer design....and then the developers immediately changing this design because it offended someone. And this isn't game play mechanics so stop comparing the two. There's a *Huge* difference between someone voicing their dislike of, say, the melee Engagement system, and someone complaining about how a quest is written. Or what a woman looks like in the game. It was discussed in the forums quite rationally as I remember, we even discussed about how badass looking and largely gender neutral Dark Souls armour was with Josh. Seems like you and I remember it quite differently. If you got hit while wearing boobplate it would work against you because it would fracture your sternum and direct weapons towards vital organs. I didn't want to see it in the game because it's literally telling me that character is inept. I don't see how discussing character appearance and how it reflects that characters personality is any different than any other aspect.
  7. This is not about whether I think Boob plate is stupid or excellent. This is about developers having a vision, and then having to edit/change/ax that vision simply because someone in the social media made noise about it. The boob plate thing (and even the backer tombstone) are relatively minor issues, but this doesn't change the *thing* here. There is an end game.... A place that cutting out content whenever someone complains about it can reach. And that Place is: Bland Uniformity. That state of the industry when we can no longer readily find a game world that does anything different from any other game world. Where we can't look and say: "hey! that's unique!" Currently, we can blame the gigantic publishers and their PR fears for this. But if Obsidian decides to go down that same road.... As a backer I don't like boobplate I think it's stupid, I wasn't the only one back in 2012. Soooo... Why are you acting like the boobplate question was due an outside force trying to inflict views on the game when clearly it wasn't This was one of the first issues discussed in these forums. If backers can't ask for changes and question decisions who can? Just you?
  8. I don't know about anyone else but as someone who enjoys video games, comics etc I'm kind of sick of all these internet fights. If everyone just let stuff go when they peek into other communities rather than shouting at each other over opinions the world would be a better place. As an example I obviously don't agree with the WBC but I don't go over to their forums or follow them on twitter to see what they are chatting about and then get all offended and annoyed they don't like things I like or agree with my world view. Being a 'sjw' or a 'gamergater' must be bloody tiring. Either side needs to chill out.
  9. Although there's echoes of it in Pillars I'd really love an Arcanum game. <3
  10. It's their game they could have decided to keep it in but they didn't Stop being so offended about nothing But seriously I'm sick of the firestorm that builds up over these things from either side.
  11. Make it better by destroying artistic integrity and freedom of expression? But if Obsidian decided to remove it isn't that what you are doing?
  12. I have If someone did though I'd be completely understanding about it. It's your decision whether to complain about it as it was hers. I doubt she expected it to go so far as it did.
  13. Whether it is ****ty or not is a matter of opinion. Whatever your feelings might be toward it, it doesn't give you the right to demand it removed. And people are getting so butthurt because there's a group of people on the internet right now, which thinks that their feelings are a perfectly fine excuse to go and bully everyone to remove everything they don't agree with. Surely, you can see why not a lot of people appreciate this? It's interesting to note that as soon as Josh saw it he referred to it as something at least he didn't want in the game. So who is making unreasonable demands of the developers creative freedom? My personal feelings is that this is just such a small thing that I really don't see the fuss either way but it's easy for me to say that I guess. I've read that 1 in 12 transexual women (using the term to disinguish) are murdered, 1 in 8 if you are a woman of colour. Imagine if someone came and told you those odds. So I don't know, I'm torn. Maybe we shouldn't let small things slide, maybe this is a fuss over nothing. Frankly I'd rather Obsidian just continue to make great games. I've defended the game everywhere I've seen this written about, maybe that's what we all should be focusing on, helping the game do well.
  14. Firstly I'm of the understanding that referring to a trans woman as 'really a man' is 100% not cool. Secondly I'm a backer and I thought the joke was kind of ****ty. It's a small thing, as people have pointed out, so it should not be a big deal to remove it or replace it. I really don't understand why people are getting so butthurt about this, it's sad.
  15. I despise time limits I think they can completely ruin enjoyment of a game. So no I don't want things to be timed I want to be able to explore at my own pace if I wanted a linear corridor game that hurries me a long to the next objective I'd go and play COD.
  16. Something little I enjoyed in older RPG's (mostly before voice acting) was the ability to change the names of your dev made follower NPC's. I think this would be a nice addition to P.E. and make your play-through just a little bit more personalised. I know it's something very small so please don't shout at me for making this thread I know I am foolish xD
  17. for mentioning DA:O? no, for mentioning Buffy... I didn't want people calling me out on the true origins of the character.
  18. Agatha Heterodyne from Girl Genius is awesome and a great example of a good female character. I also like Katara, Korra and Lin Bei Fong from Avatar. An understated comic relief character is always nice and I actually appreciated Alastair's humour in Dragon Age Origins quite a lot, he is based on Xander from Buffy I believe. (Hope I don't get nuked from the heavens for mentioning DA:O) As for villains Loki is cool, I get where he is coming from. My big sister is perfect too... :|
  19. Totally agree. I have the same reasoning. Icewind Dale was way to linear for my tastes even though it was a really fun game. It's a problem with a poll like this you can't really explain your choices. I hope Obs reads this thread too. I'm thinking the COD option is just a lol, at least I hope so xD I have been pretty appalled at some of the threads that have popped up on the forums mind, that just don't seem to understand what type of game this is. It wouldn't surprise me if there are some people who think it's going to be like Fallout New Vegas or something.
  20. There is a chainmail bikini in the game but every time you try to equip it on a non player female character she reverts back to her original armour and tells you to sod off.
  21. I want to play it through the first time...well first time. I'm sure Obsidian well get decent feedback from those who are taking part and I don't have anything against those who are. It's just a personal thing.
  22. As long as you can pre empt him out of mistrust, nothing annoys me more than seeing a trap, ambush or betrayal coming and not being able to avoid it. I feel like my intelligence is being insulted.
  23. This is the reason I didn't sign on for the beta and that I might go dark when the meat of the info starts coming out. I really like to experience things fresh
  24. I quite liked it in Baldur's Gate I found it easy to follow without being too oversimplified.
  25. I'd like boxes for a first and last name. That way if there is a note from a friend a dev can use the first name field or if it's a more formal note it can say Mr. Smith or whatever
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