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  1. How Awesome would it be? I want to pledge to this right NOW!! Maybe something set in the new era, even if it were like PIllars, I would play it! Heres hoping we have an announcement soon! What happen to the pledge Feargus made to Disney in 2013? Now is the time to capitalize on the success of Pillars and the upcoming hype for Star Wars! Heres hoping!
  2. It would be an awesome genre to explore more, modern day supernatural RPG, Demon/ghost hunters, ect. More Supernatural the show, not Secret World. I am keen for something like this, and I think Obsidian would do it justice.
  3. I would be happy to pay more if there was one on offer? Will there ever be one available for people who did not initially pledge?
  4. For those of us who missed the chance to back the game to get a physical collectors edition, would something similar but different be offered to non-backers, for pre-order? I truly hope so, cause that would be something I am willing to invest in. Heres hoping!!
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