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  1. Ok, since everyone seems to be arguing about unrealistic boob armors which apparently is a discussion worthy of roughly 10+ threads without people being anywhere near a concensus, I think I have a solution to make everyone happy. Just remove all armor and depict all characters naked.
  2. The game where I've had most fun playing a druid was actually WoW around WotLK, especially in the kitty form. I've never enjoyed the shape shifting aspect in other games, they seemed kinda underdeveloped, but in WoW I found them way more fun and different compared to other games, a healer who really likes the nature and has a crappy shape shift ability. Instead I could sneak around like a rogue, do a bunch of damage from close range, shift into a bear to handle larger packs of mobs or just root them, run away and heal myself before attacking again, and that's just a part of the variety. Plus I
  3. That quest is probably the only one in any game that made me reload the game 10+ times just to see the various way you could complete it. Brilliantly made. Besides that one, I prefer quests that are well written and that gives me option on how to complete them. Not just good, evil and something in between, but also the method of solving it, like stealth, combat, talking, bribing, intimidating or something else. Been too long since I've played the old IE games to remember any specific quests that I really liked.
  4. I want it to be a miniature troll, I also want to be able to feed it and every it gets fed, someone in my party tells me "(character name), don't feed the troll".
  5. Ya, I kinda agree with this. It is kinda strange that a lot of times it's men posting it That's because the only thing better for a male gamer than playing a male character having a romance with a female character looking and acting as a male character is when we play a female character looking and acting like a male character and having a romance with another female character looking and acting as a male character. It's just awesome
  6. Ah, that's likely. Don't follow baseball at all so kinda forgot they existed.
  7. Just a shame they beat the Redskins as their name isn't very suitable to make a similar joke about. However, there could be a bunch of dead eagles lying around them instead...
  8. Would be kinda fun if they just made 5 non-aggressive giants in blue clothing standing at some location screaming "We won! We won!".
  9. As long as it's not another human, I'm fine, prefer to have as many different races as possible for the NPCs.
  10. And... are those... penises I see wriggling on it's feet? Disgusting.
  11. I concur, where are our badgers? I really want my own furry little badger.
  12. Voted kinda like Tauren, probably my favourite race in any game. Large, calm, proud and in tune with nature.
  13. This. Oh yeah. We promised the folks who donated $10k we'd get that beard off and we're going to get that beard off! (It might not happen for awhile though - he's entering another beard contest and we want to give him a shot at winning something, because...) ...the only thing better than shaving a beard on camera is shaving a PRIZE-WINNING beard! I assume that for your next kickstarter, there will be an exclusive 10k tier that will give one happy pledger his beard. It'll probably be sold out in seconds
  14. Well apparently there are nude mods for Skyrim that includes the khajiit. Let's just hope there will be an absense of those kinds of mods for P:E
  15. Gonna go with a ranger, been my favourite class in most games. Just hope they won't as socially challenged as in the NWN games. As for race I wanna find out more about them before I decide, but probably not a human or elf.
  16. I have a thing for prime numbers, so now that the ship on 13 has sailed, I'd prefer 17 levels. If we reach 16 levels underground, then I hope there will be an above ground level as well, just so I can pretend that there's 17 levels.
  17. When someone has a beard as epic as his, it would be a crime to cut it. It would be worth 10k to me just to see his glorious beard grow and flourish.
  18. I don't want to turn this into what has Shaker done wrong thread, but I think they made a lot of other mistakes other then starting this midstream on P:E, though I think that one is a really big one. Am I the only one who felt like they saw the P:E kickstarter and then decided to their own "Old School" RPG one, but older school? Thats probably not fair, it likely was just councidence, but when they initially released it they didn't give any details on the game itself other then it would be old old old school. And I am not sure that RPGs older then around the Infinity Engine are going to get
  19. When it comes to men and women being treated differently, I want variety on that subject. Having some civilisations where gender equality is the norm, some where women are treated like second class citizens, some where the men are treated that way and the rest somewhere in between. As it seems that P:E won't be all "this is good and that is evil", offering different ways to handle feminism, with various reactions depending on whom you're interacting with and your PCs mental skillset, is pretty much what I want. As for objectifying women in games which is depressingly usual, I don't think P
  20. And I wouldn't mind dragons in the game, however I want them to be really powerful, and intelligent/wise. If they've been on the top of the food chain for a couple of thousand years, then they probably will look down upon the "lesser" races. Let them be among the hardest enemies in the game to fight, but also make them equally hard to convince through dialogue. Kind of like deities, but a little bit less powerful. I don't want the Skyrim version where you can kill a dragon with a few shots if you have the right skills.
  21. Depends on what RPG stands for in the context of DA2 If it stands for Really Poor Game then it's a quite proper label....
  22. I'd say overall they did well, the communication with us fans was really great, and I think that helped upping a few pledges. Same with the add-ons, even it can be fairly confusing with all the add-ons, letting us choose some additional things that weren't included in our selected tier was pretty sweet and a good way of increasing pledges overall. As for things to do better, preparations before the live streams could've been better, like the sound in the dnd stream. Won't complain about Adam's IWD installation as I found it quite amusing, plus he had a ton of other stuff to do and played o
  23. voted "I am stupid and think talking is it's own reward and doesn't need additional XP" as I think the poll options are so depressingly biased and dumb that I can't take them seriously. If you're not trolling and actually are serious, then uuuh.... nevermind....
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