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  1. Somehow, I imagine a godlike associated with Rymrgand being frostlike, sort of the an ice version of a fire godlike. That leaves death godlike free and they would fit with Berath. A godlike from Abydon would have golem and armor features in their appearance. Agree with some others that someone from Wael would just be an ordinary person, with some extraordinary and subtle ability. Like maybe being able to find hidden things easier, or a bonus to stealth or an amazing ability to lie? Someone from Skaen would be corroded and scarred, looking more ghoul or zombielike.
  2. In general I love the concept of druids, but in games where they're playable I've usually loathed the way they play except for one game: WoW. The diversity of the class around the lich king/cataclysm expansions was awesome. They could turn into a tree and cast spells, or they could go cat and dps, or go bear and tank. Especially the old feral tree there was great, and mostly relevant to this topic. If a druid was in feral dps spec and then the tank suddenly died in the middle of a fight you could go into bear, pick up aggro and make sure you survived the encounter. Or if tank specced, you coul
  3. That's kind of a part of the problem then--- If you just happen to never get that quest, then the game is just kicking you in the face for no reason whatsoever. I actually liked the way it occured, the dude in the inn has an NPC description of "Frightened villager" and do appear to be sort of afraid in the dialogue from all that occured and not overaly earer to talk with you. And was kinda nice to simply find out about it in manner, no big waving alarm flags or forced dialogues, just a frightened dude in an inn. Made me feel more immersed in the game world.
  4. This is an excellent solution. Priests and Druids do not have spellbooks/spell slots like that, but I would love this for the Wizard. Suddenly one of the slots in the grimoire gets a golden glow, or a new kind of slot opens up, and oh, look, anything in it can now be used Per-Encounter. I think I would enjoy being able to pick, say 1 or later on a 2nd 1st level wizard spells at lvl 9 that my wizard could cast per encounter, say 2 times instead, and choose it via the leveling screen (and not be able to change it afterwards). Would make a bit of sense that the wizard have gotten so used to ca
  5. Unfortunate, since some of it is dead wrong. ogres and trolls are very common, not rare. blights are spirits, not primordial. kith vary across the board because they can be any class, and use any weapon or armor, which means some of them can be quite tough. blights are not susceptible to ranged attack, unless it does crushing damage. you know, there's a reason I posted the link to both guides. *shrug* Valid point, I'll admit I don't have all beast types in memory and do still have quite a bit to learn about different mobs. I don't see much reason for the ki
  6. Hey, hey, hey, hold it right there. That sounds racist and I'm possibly offended. Feel free to read the entry about their name on wikipedia, I did get a laugh out of it
  7. I've gone for a speedy ranged wood elf cipher in my new game, use hunting bows, clothing instead of armor and high dex. Got draining whip for first talent. Only level 3 so far but I really like the build so far, gonna get a blunderboss for opener once I find one, but really enjoy the hunting bow so far. Haven't had any issues with getting focus and survive so far, and she dishes out a fair amount of damage.
  8. I've chosen my slayer ench based mainly on which type of creature I have the most problem with, so early on mainly spirits. Vessels are mainly useful for fampyrs since I hate their charm spells and beasts for dragons (though that is kind of situational). I also agree with pretty much everything b0rsuk wrote.
  9. Seems like the sort of thing that might appear on nexusmods if enough people ask for it, would love to see new skins for animal comps. Especially if some frost resistance/fire vulnerability was added. @ PBJam The Stag could get a moose skin, because moose are awesome. Wolf could get a attack dog skin, Lion - Tiger.
  10. Acronyms are sorta fun, when I read FTW I still think "F*** the world" instead of "for the win" thanks to a Turbonegro song. I haven't played Path of Exile so PoE makes sense to me, but I can understand why someone who've played it might be annoyed by it. But PoE seems to have stuck and it do makes more sense than other acronyms (PE could work but some of the things that share that acronym isn't very flattering, albeit sort of funny...) even if there's another PoE out there. So we'll probably just have to adapt and accept that there's 2 different PoE out there now.
  11. Usually people who like to whine or have actual constructive criticisms about the game are waaay more vocal than those who simply enjoy the game on forums. Which is why it's often sort of pointless to scan forums for actual opinion on a game and use it as an indication to if that game is worth playing, since A LOT of those opinions either come from from a point of view that's irrelevant to yours, or they are simply idiotic. ;-) Also OP, I'd recommend you use the pause button frequently, it will make things easier and more fun for you.
  12. None yet, but it would make me extremely happy if there were such a button. That and being able to use key commands for most actions in combat would be a nice addition in a future patch.
  13. As far as Bioware goes: haven't played DA:I at all, and the rest of those games seems to have been covered enough. In the Mass Effect games though, which are my favourite Bioware games, I think they struck a perfect balance in how much impact your companions had on the story. In ME1, they sort of tag along and have similar goals but it feels like everyone including Shepard is growing into their role.Then in ME2, Miranda seems like the link between you and the Illusive Man so she is sorta vital to the story, then you see how Tali and Garrus have developed just as you character have. Wrex an
  14. From now on, I shall refer to my "pillar" as "The Pillar of Eternity" while mocking others for their "Small wooden beam of timelessness"...
  15. My rogue had a few interactions/dialogues based on her class, but they were very few. May have been some more if I'd made some different choices.
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