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  1. I find I am unable to assign the F keys to weapon sets, they only seem to bind to abilities. Checked Control Options and didn't see anything there either that switches between weapon sets. Can it be done or is manual clicking really the only way as of now?
  2. Me too. I don't care what anyone else thinks, this is a single player game that I will be playing at my own pace. Having to go back to an inn may be "realisitc" in a certain sense, but it doesn't equal fun game play. Honestly I would prefer a system where stamina regenerates out of combat. In battle, after your stamina is depleted (taking hits, performing strong abilities, etc.), you begin to take health damage. Health can only be recovered by resting. As your health gets lower, the amount of stamina you recover post battle also decreases. The key difference here is you don't take
  3. Is there a blog post or article that explains why they went with a system that limits the number of rests?
  4. It's only because of balance and being fair to non-magic classes. It doesn't make sense to me that magic should be equal to swinging a sword, otherwise there's nothing magical about magic. But, for the sake of keeping things fair and interesting it must be so, and for that reason I can accept it. If wizards were also physically strong, they are then clearly better than non-magic users.
  5. Am I the only one that finds it odd that they are circles? Why is vision/detection behind an npc the same as the front? Doesn't really make sense, the direction the npc is facing should have much better detection while behind them should be greatly decreased.
  6. No for me, no matter which formation I choose, no matter how I customize a formation, the party always moves in a wide oval formation, every time no matter what formation set is chosen.
  7. With the limited rests setup, Unbending and Unbroken should remain active abilities. Automatically activating them could lead to strategic problems (having your fighter stand up just in time to catch an attack) and/or burning those uses on trash encounters (oh, look, a wood beetle! the priest is mid-cast for a heal but this triggers instead, sorry). Surge would also be less redundant with your current ideas, being the only manually activated stamina regen. Why exactly does PoE have limited rest? What was so bad about the way it was handled in IE games? Being able to rest when I want as
  8. I also agree that there are too many abilities. Feels like I'm controlling a party of 6 IE wizards.
  9. I've tried to create custom formations, or just use the already set ones, but none of them work for me. No matter what I do my party moves in a wide oval formation when ordered to move together.
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