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  1. *facepalm* what the others said and you might wanna read this: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inxile/wasteland-2/posts/228226
  2. I'd say the more variety in the game the better. With that I mean different races, cultures, probably religions, genders and sexual preferences. As homosexuality is quite common IRL, it makes sense to have it in the game, and to have different cultures within the game treat it differently would be pretty interesting. For the homophobes here that seems to be lethally afraid and amazingly terrified at the fact the LGBT people do exist, there might be a good chance that you will be able to treat those characters ingame like lesser people, which you seem to belive that they are. Which might make y
  3. Pretty much what Yst said, the projection system is kinda flawed. I'd take the average from the 2 or 3 last days, multiply with the remaining time and then add to what's already been collected. Which would put the project somewhere between 4M-4.8M, even that might be too high.
  4. No, gog titles are windows only now. But a lot of them are for older versions of windows or dos. So you can just use a virtual machine or a dos emulator on your mac for that since all the original game files are there intact, all the games on gog work under their native os I think. I see. Well what I'm curious about is the P:E is released, I'd guess GOG will have it for Mac and Linux as well. And if so, the possibility to download it for different systems. But it's pretty hard to know right now then. One of the reasons why I spent too much time (and money) playing WoW was the ease t
  5. I'd say the 140$ tier is already the tier where you get the most for your money, considering that roughly 600 more people are in the 140$ tier compared to the 100$ tier makes me think I'm not the only one who thinks so. So while I'd love to have that book as well, adding the collector's book to that tier makes the 250$ tier pretty much worthless. A couple of autographs and an elite patch isn't worh 110 $ by a mile. So no.
  6. One thing I'm curious about is this. If I've understood it correctly, if you buy a game from GOG and then get a new comp, you can install the game again on that comp, no need to pay for it again. Does this work if you switch from, say a Windows PC to a Mac as well? Haven't had the need to use GOG yet.
  7. agree, although wow have dwarves and especially the gnomes who are tech crazy, the game really doesn't feel like steampunk at all. Arcanum was great, I liked the balance between tech and magic, but don't think P:E will be too much like that.
  8. Well, Baldur's Gate pretty much had a skull with some other stuff around it as a logo, Icewind Dale had a tree, Neverwinter Nights had an eye. None of those were really that original, but they all made sense to the stories within the games. So if this logo is what they're going for, I'd guess it'll be related to the game in some way, which is fine enough for me. That said, a Mobius Ouroboros would be awesome.
  9. Although BGII is probably the game I've spent most hours playing, PS:T remains my favourite game ever. Mainly because it's so different to most games in terms of settings, what the goal of the games was for TNO, and especially the dialogues. Never was that into IWD, but FO and Arcanum are also reasons why I pledged as much as I could afford without really knowing that much about PE.
  10. I only have a mac comp as I hate windows, and considering how annoyed I get when games are PC only, I don't mind if Linux users get the game as well. Hopefully in a few years, most computer games will be released to all three platforms.
  11. I prefer to have my PC with a party of NPCs and all the banter etc, although I did a few runs in BG1&2 with an extra or a few extra PCs (things got stale after a couple of playthroughs). But in terms of replayability and different people's preferences, I think it would be great if there was an option to create all party characters ourselves. Sure it might be a bit more quiet, but I guess there's some people who like that as well. So pretty much like in BG where you could decide for yourself. Dunno how expensive it would be to implement, but I imagine it's cheaper if it's not dependant on m
  12. Dragon Age had a lot of dwarves without beards, seen some in WoW as well, so it's starting to become a bit more common. Bearded female dwarves however is a bit more rare, unless there's a few games I've missed. The more varied all dwarves are the better, make them more like humans in terms of differences between individuals.
  13. Dwarves, with beards. Especially on the female dwarves. And the more different they are from the usual DnD and LoTR dwarves, the better.
  14. I want crates. And I want to be able to have my mage fire off a fireball into a huge group of them and see them burn and turn into ash. It doesn't matter if the contents in them are ruined, as long as I can make them burn. The same thing applies to barrels, and boxes.
  15. Being evil in the "kill all the good guys" kind of way is pretty boring. But a PC can still be pretty evil while not killing everything. Extort money/information/services from other people, do a good thing occasionally since it makes sense than killing everything etc. PS:T and KOTOR did this fairly well, but in most games, being evil isn't worth it.
  16. I'd like this too, not killing anyone at all in the game might be difficult to do, but being able to resolve most quest etc in a peaceful way. Would probably require some pacifist skills, and speech checks like in Fallout NW to make it fun and challenging throughout the entire game.
  17. In one of my BG1 playthroughs, I used Khalid a lot. He was really good at getting panicked, never tried with a bard though in that playthrough. And letting Dynaheir die while Minsc was in the party was often pretty ugly as well. I'd like to see something similar in this game, your party members reacting to either powerful enemies, a lot of enemies or other members dying in the fight.
  18. Well my major concern for the game was a mac version as I don't have a PC currently, so I'm pretty happy it'll most likely be reached. As for other stretch goals after 2.2 mil, I'd love a toolkit, crpg's just needs to be modded because it's so fun. That and your very own personal miniature giant space hamster.
  19. The realtime with pause-system in BG and PS:T is probably my favourite combat system in a CRPG. It wasn't that hard to micro manage my 6 man party and dish out spells and positioning etc, you just needed some timing. I hope it'll be a system similar to that one.
  20. I won't mind a few races as long as they're at least a bit untraditional, if it's human/elf/dwarf then meh. If it's like in Planescape where you had a few races that felt unique, then I'll probably like it. Same with classes, I'd rather have a few well designed classes instead of the cluster**** of classes in NWN 2. And I like player housing/strongholds, makes my character feel like a part of the game world. The more variety I have in a game, the more I like it.
  21. The most logical thing would be to have this implemented as a stretch goal. 2,4 million makes sense as tea parties can be quite expensive to arrange.
  22. Humbly disagree, having a player house a great way to really have your character feel like a part of the world. Also, english isn't my first language. Back when BG, PS:T and Fallout were released, my english skills weren't that good. But playing those game for way too many hours pretty much made me fluent. And even if there would be a game in my native language (swedish, so highly unlikely), I'd still play it in english. Too many puns and other small details tends to get lost in the translation (at least that happens with most books).
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