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  1. Another way of looking at it is it needs to make US$216k in a week, which is less than 15% of what Project Eternity made in its last week. Not a ridiculous amount, it just needs exposure.
  2. Anyone who liked Consortium should sign up for their Thunderclap campaign - their kickstarter needs the boost. NB Thunderclap does let you customise the message when you click Support, so you're not stuck with their wording; just keep the hashtag and url, and it just takes a few seconds to do. Their Diplomacy and the Spoken Word update is worth a look if you're not convinced yet.
  3. 72% funded and three days to go...
  4. I think the problem is more that Torment (and to a lesser extend Shroud of the Avatar) did attract so much cash, in the same month. So there's not much left in people's budgets for Divinity, no matter how appealing it might be.
  5. Consortium has 13 hours left to earn $6k to achieve its final (announced) stretch goal. Looks like an intriguing game, an RPG in a restricted setting that allows all the NPCs to be developed characters, instead of the usual dozens of generic villagers wandering around who can't be interacted with.
  6. No, it's not. "we were able to successfully negotiate an exception with Microsoft for us to provide our Backers with a DRM-free version of the Kickstarter rewards" - DLC is irrelevant, MS wanted DRM on everything.
  7. No, they didn't. They either assumed there was no reason not to offer DRM-free (an entirely reasonable assumption on the face of it), negotiated it before or during the Kickstarter (in which case MS's position makes no sense whatsoever), or said DRM-free in the full knowledge that it was in violation of their license (which would be insane). The first option is the only one that makes any kind of sense (which doesn't necessarily mean it's the truth, but it is by far the most reasonable assumption). Why would they think they'd need to ask permission? They're the ones developing the gam
  8. From memory of what? As far as I'm aware there's been no mention anywhere of asking for exemptions before the latest update, and that says nothing about during the Kickstarter.
  9. It does not explicitly say when they asked, and "This didn’t come up earlier" strongly implies that they didn't know till after the conclusion of the kickstarter. It would be quite a stretch to read it as saying they asked for the exemption before the Kickstarter; apart from anything else, why would MS grant such an exemption in advance? Interpretation of contracts can be a very complex matter.
  10. It doesn't say they knew all along, though; I would expect that Microsoft contacted them after the kickstarter saying "what's all this about DRM-free versions of the game? You can't do that!" "But there's nothing about DRM in the contract!" "Ah, but [500 pages of legal mumbo jumbo]." "Oh... but we've already promised DRM-free to all our backers!" "Oh, alright, we'll let you fulfil the letter of that promise, but not a byte more."
  11. It seems highly unlikely that it actually said "you have the right to make a game using Shadowrun IP, but must not release it without DRM" in so many words. Microsoft's ability to insist on DRM is far more probably granted by some obscure term of the license that doesn't directly reference DRM at all.
  12. The latest update from Bloom has some interesting clarification on how the roleplaying aspect of the game will work. If you think the game looks worthwhile, even one dollar will help.
  13. Especially this version of Tetris. Though is pretty cool.
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