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  1. Those of us who really like to RP things and don't want to think of the charaters we create there to be mercenaries, but rather as companions like you meet along your journeys. Unless the characters I create are imprisoned and have to be bailed out, I kinda dislike the concept of paying for them from a RP perspective, while I don't mind if from a game balance perspective.
  2. What I'm curious about is how you put a value initially on the physical things we've pledged for initially. Let's say I've taken the 140$ tier+ international shipping added in my pledge. A lot of the stuff in that package are digital, and aren't imported through customs. As those things do have a value, it should logically mean that the value of my package is less than 140$, but how much less? And since I've paid for it about year and a half before shipping, how can the customs keep tabs on the value in the first place?
  3. I had that thought too, although perhaps the level is relative to the character. The discussions I read suggested that you wouldn't be able to build a full party as soon as you reached the hall; instead it would be scaled to match the rate at which potential candidates can join. That indicates there will be some early mechanism to hinder recruiting at the Hall. Possibly the hall will have membership ranks and you will only be able to recruit more party members after you increase you rank (perhaps through a fee?). It may be that some of the better recruitable characters in the hall may only agr
  4. if the Adventurer's Hall would be a money sink, one thing that comes to mind is money for information and unique gear. If it's a place where various adventurers gather, you'd meet NPCs who wouldn't mind selling information or items they've found to you. I kinda hate the feeling you get in a lot of RPGs that your adventureing party is the only one in the entire world. As for paying for NPCs, something that would make some sense is that if you create a lvl 1 PC, it's free of charge. Then if you want them to be a higher level when you recruit them, you'd have to pay an amount of money for "tr
  5. If IWD2 taught us anything is... dead cats I was really disappointed when I realized that the dead cat was far less talkative than Boo
  6. Got the 140$ tier, plus 20$ int shipping, 20$ expansion and 25$ Osidian t-shirt. Kinda miss my old job and its salary (studying right now), as I could've plead about 1000$ then, but this will have to suffice. I really want the physical rewards, so even if the int shipping is kinda annoying, it's worth it to me.
  7. I'd prefer a giant city made by dwarves on top of a giant mountain, mainly on a plateau. Or in the middle of a forest. If P:E is gonna twist the general fantasy concepts, dwarves living underground, elves in magical cities (including in the trees) and human cities in general is something that's been done way too much.
  8. Have started a game in IWD2 as I never finished it (prefer story+dialogue instead of tons of combat) Also installed NWN2, but I'm currently too annoyed that the quick save key can't be changed so I don't play it currently. (playing my old pc version on the mac, f12 = volume up right now, not good)
  9. Cats, millions of cats! Or just a new race (preferably cats)
  10. Somewhere in the mid to end-game, I'd like to have a NPC that comments on the difficulty settings you've chosen, only in a not so obvious way. If you go for hardest settings, he/she asks you why you make it so hard for yourself, if you have an easier setting, he/she calls you lazy, and some other unique dialogue for playing in different game modes (iron man etc). Then he/she gives you a cookie (with no real use, like heal +2 HP) if your difficulty setting is high enough.
  11. Great idea, if the cost/time to implement it in-game would be too much, just making the portrait folders outside the game for companions editable would suffice. And about custom portraits, I'd like a better structured way of adding custom portraits to character creation in-game than the one in BG/IWD, a higher resolution for a bigger menu will help most of it. Having 200+ custom portraits in the BG/IWD did present me with a ton of options, but finding a specific portrait took a lot of time.
  12. I don't think all items/rewards should be possible to attain in a single playthrough, as it makes me even more interested in replaying the game. Let's say you get different rewards from solving a quest peacefully or with combat. I'm also the kind of player who is more interested in the story and dialogue than in combat, so I will probably lower the combat difficulty while making things like skill checks in dialogue hidden. That said, I'd prefer if some items are restricted to the kind of playing style you have and not the difficulty (combat and/or other things for immersion). As for th
  13. It's all a matter of the tone (wording) you set when criticize someone, and the tone in the OP post feels a lot more like nerdrage than constructive criticism. If you take a look at other topics here, there a quite a few that criticizes various part of the game or earlier games, the ones with a more constructive tone usually fare better.
  14. OP: If you look closer at the reward tier for 140$, you will see that it doesn't just include a digital copy of the game, an in-game item and a cloth map. It also includes stuff like a boxed collectors edition of the game, a t-shirt, digital soundtrack, beta access,campaign almanac and some other stuff. All those things are not valued at 0$, which might sound crazy to you, but it's true. Also, early concept art does not equal the final product. And lastly I think the first map you showed actually looks worse than the current P:E map, although I admit that just a matter of personal preference
  15. When seeing this I find it kinda ironic that I managed to install IWD2 on my mac with my old pc discs and a wineskin fix without any problems at all =)
  16. Oh dude, I so want that hoodie, it looks so good. And won't have time to watch much of the stream, but I kinda like the idea of having it
  17. Something like the golden pantaloons / silver pantaloons / bronze pantalettes would be awesome to have in the game. Some items that seems completely worthless but can be turned into something awesome, even if it's in the expansion of the sequel.
  18. Also, there's that incredibly charismatic door as a bonus, made the lunch break very enjoyable...
  19. I want as many options as possible, both cosmetic and purposewise. Being able to import a pic of my own as a coat of arms would be awesome. gotta dream =)
  20. I'm guessing Schlumpsha the Sewer King as a companion will be the 3m stretch goal
  21. From the latest update: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts/326152 So it's kinda confirmed now
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