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  1. A quick questions to JS: 1. What if everybody plays a chanter? Don't tell me you are going to Buff 10 classes. Same question applies to races.
  2. It should. If the PC has a low constitution the LI should make a public mockery of small ****/testicles. Lack of agility should also result in mockery, because of inability to deliver.
  3. 1. Logic. I feel like speaking to not very bright child. Obsidian has a limited budget, time and manpower that will be spent of PE. If you really believe that adding features won't reduce amount, quality or quantity of other features I pity you. Time spent = quality. 2. You fail to dodge check. 3. Romances without sex? Then they are friendship. 4. Going Iron man in debates show stupidity rather than stamina. 1. I am not sure what you are arguing at all, or why? 2. I can. Previous polls had more voters, ergo in this poll less people voted. If participation levels fall with passing time it means that participation level is decreasing. DUH? 3. Hypothesis is a scientific term prior to study. I am expressing my gut feeling. 4. ... 1. I don't care how you play or what disorders you have. I told you that much. If you want to prove that it's not the case go ahead. It's not baseless as many people who want romances say that "romancing someone increases immersion". 2. OK. So you want to see pixels ****ing? Check the sources from my previous post. 3. Seek help. It's not too late. 4. Your posts should have this label.
  4. That assumes that.... 1. Having romance means that gameplay, C&C, story, and interesting relationships automatically suffer if romance is included in the game 2. Obsidian is incapable of creating an interesting romance 3. The sacrificed content in question was even being considered to be put in PE 4. Assumption 1 is not provable, Assumption 2 is entirely subjective, and Assumption 3 is not known at the moment. If you're going to make a statement, please use facts instead of assumptions. 1. No of course not. Money, time and energy come from nowhere and you don't have to sacrifice anything to implement anything. 2. Interesting romance? What is that supposed to mean? How a story about getting into someones panties can be called interesting? 3. Anything is better than seeing characters destroyed by lame & immature lines to justify the need of sex in the dungeon before last boss. Or even pressing a wrong number and finding someone's **** in your charters ass, is also an attractive option. 4. HAHAHA. 1. Google the meaning of statistical significance. Is this the IQ of a romance fan? 2. Nobody can draw conclusions from incomplete data, because it's meaningless. 3. I have a hard time believing that they donated at all, but that's irrelevant as I said that "I HAVE A FEELING". 4. So you need evidence to have feelings? 1. No? Porn hub still has a hentai section IIRC and "The English Patient" or "Titanic" can be downloaded any time. Problem solved. 2. Am I supposed to care why you want **** pixels? 3. Dude, there are hot lines that give counseling for free or you can share your problem with a doctor and he will help you. Church or actually finding a woman/man could also be an alternative. You have to remember that if you spend time in romance thread you will never find one! 4. I thought I escaped such poster when I left gamespot. Guess not.
  5. Well this attitude shows that people wanting romances are just not very smart as the only even remotely representative poll was when a question was asked, if you are willing to sacrifice something like gameplay elements, C&C (not with whom to sleep with, although some games like love boat theme in their games), story, interesting relationships (not getting into digital panties) and etc.? Another thing is that this poll is not statistically significant as most of the people have gave up on these threads and topics long time a go. Only representative thing would be a questionnaire sent to PE backers, cause I somehow have a feeling that most of the people who voted yes here are not even backing the project. On a side not I would recommend romancing a real woman, with real breasts, vagina, joy and personality. It beats jerking off to digital pixels by huge margin.
  6. They were "weak" romances as you could not get your hand in their pixel panties. How does not being able to have sex with them make them "weak" romances? They were weak, but not because of the lack of consummation. Mainly because TNO couldn't given the events of the game have a strong romance. Which unless the plot is going to be VERY different than current events indicate, really isn't applicable to PE. No buffoons, because you had NO say in it and there were no dialogue written for it.
  7. MCA doesn't like writing them and I sure as **** don't care about Hepler. There is a general rule of thumb, if a writer likes to write romances in games, he most likely sucks.
  8. Care to elaborate? Because I view my 'problem' (not needing bogus emotional and / or sexual validation and / or gratification via a virtual digital relationship) as being a pretty healthy one TBH. What? Do you mean that sexual arousal from talking to pixels is not normal?
  9. Encounters were good, but that's it. C&C is the most important part of any RPG, as not having it makes it a visual cry me a river novel...
  10. You have got to be kidding me. PST had the best story of all time and I liked TTO much more than I did ever like Irenicus.
  11. How was it better than PST, FO or Arcanum? It had no meaningful C&C, the world did not react to your accomplishments and you could not alter the story. I know it had shinny GFX, but please.
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