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  1. hey i buff myself before and post giant grub fight (part 9)and then somewhere in SSS but just with +3PL from Weyc wand, run was a little bit lucky that any of beast bosses didn't spawn with prowling (like water dragon or beast of winter) because idk how i would start fight
  2. Assassin attempt, it's my second run and won't be submitted/validated so I didn't shy off from underhanded tactics. Warning! Cheese hurts eyes.
  3. idk how its with the Beast but with fire dragon you can start dialog during combat and and it wont stop anything mostly with temporal cocoon, it has big advantage over withdraw because you can cast it out of combat
  4. @abot -trigger summon from the belt -withdraw frightened Vela -go for a talk with beast (blight will follow you)
  5. He can't end combat@Boeroer with Berath challenge. Try to look up some ultimate runs on youtube to check how to steal the tablet. Or buff deflection as high as possible, that teleport rolls vs that defence.
  6. yeah, somehow i always end megaboss' run with auranic too, and as thelee said it fight always loks like: sustain/destroy sigils, kill her , done. She is not overly tanky so there is no isssue if u don't rely to much on buffs
  7. Scripted encounter on island south of Fort Deadlight, on a way to that place when lady wizard guards books of storms, you have to fail some check. Late in FS you can acquire one too. Edit. Idk what injury you can get if you knock yourself out with fireball from necklace, maybe worth trying.
  8. Don't recruit him in Maje. You will find headdress on his body in Ori o Koiki. Recruiting and killing on ship didn't work for me(no headdress on body when I killed him)
  9. I tested whispers of the depths ring (chance to Acute inspiration on kill) on monk and it stacks with duality. Fair trial (random inspiration) from magistrate cudgel stacks too (if you get Smart). No clue about tactician brilliant but I suspect it should stack too.
  10. just tested it and combat wont end but you cannot switch weapons, that's what happend when I tried it before
  11. I think dot from dagger doesn't work like this, I remember trying it and combat ended but not 100% sure ( it was few month ago), other thing about it is you don't have to be unseen, just in stealth mode to trigger it ( I was trying to kill Arkemyr for grimoire on solo bloodmage early on, but his deflection was to high to be reliable)
  12. I still don't get it. How can you start combat stealthed (solo, with trap) and buff yourself without Berath challange? Nobody is agro so combat ends after few seconds. I didn't tested it tbh but I remember thay Arkemyr Brilliant Departure was useless when I was soloing bm/tac, I tried it and after few seconds of invis combat ended.
  13. Citzal Armory is borked(you will lose access to spells in grimoire if you try to switch to other one), so fixing it would be nice start.
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