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  1. if I had to guess it's because of reforge (it was always there when i triggered it) don't ask me why, I don't know I just tinkered with it a little to check if there is workaround from it
  2. If you incur any recovery phase (attack, cast, weapon switching etc) you will be unable to do anything, that's why you need blade cascade first (otherwise you can't do anything besides walking). For weapon switching you need black jacket and quickswitch or do what Vic explain few posts up.
  3. nope, you can knock yourself out while triggering it via scroll or rakhan boots, especially if you have a lot of lash from deltro etc
  4. -blade cascade on -trigger reforge and extend it, if you knocked yourself out you will stand up and won't be paralyzed, otherwise save/reload and you good -any recovery will be permament (that's why blade cascade should be triggeret first) so no weapon switching or black jacket + quick switch, wizards are f@ckd ? (nothing reduces to 0 grimoire switch recovery ??) all out of combat with cheese
  5. reforge the flesh from belt - 10hp/3sec -85%dmg, paralyze can be worked around unstable coil(least)? is liquid adra (prize from Neale, SSS) combat only?
  6. Ok, btw the other mortar is easy to get with solo challange (you can hire all companions, they will stay on ship where you can kill them for loot)
  7. @Raven Darkholme in undercroft there are boars on cage, should drop tusk. That's how I got it on my bm/skaen run.
  8. it's way harder to get out that to get in with leap @Boeroer nice to try kill it so early because if dragon spawns exalted/robust the run is rip if u want to gouge i think
  9. It's not a BDD but it's possible to trigger reforge the flesh(belt) and darkest before dawn(necklace) for -85% and -25% dmg with a lot of healing on top of that, I was able tu sustain Dorudugan with it. But it's kinda wonky, it looks like (from my limited testing) any recovery will be permament so blade cascade is obligatory and no weapon switching (or picking blackjacket multiclass maybe?). Soul blade bonus is out of combat too, looks like sky is the limit for dmg of soul annihilation. Can be gained outside of combat on barrels etc.
  10. Ultimate Is more about perseverance imho. Even if somebody would copy some run 1:1 it's still a ****load of work/realods etc. Especially on stupid, simple errors(smth like 3/4 of my runs of my first attempt died because of simple ****ups or bugs). Besides there is no "ultimate" ultimate run, any of them could be improved.
  11. If you can return later, you can do it whenever you want. Some encounters are 1 time only (like beast of winter or fire dragon for example)
  12. If you can use it outside combat you can prolong it, vanishing strike isn't restricted to combat only. You can grab invis from slippers of assassin(but it's on kill so setup to trigger is a bit harder) too and if i remember correctly it behaves similar to Arkemyr Departure (you can summon or debuff etc). Like Boeroer said WotW is another strong candidate. Others quirks that came out: frenzy from dagger and debuff from ring of clenched muscle were procing from biding web on Vela, no clue if it triggers on other scrolls or spells
  13. yep it's ridiculous, never tested it but now i wonder if it's possible to grab all tier 3 inspirations out of combat by hitting shipcrew (or companions) with empowered attacks while wearing unstable coil
  14. screen from test run, I think everything exept resoundig call stop counting down, never bother to double check it couse i calculated i need around 200000 sec on lowest duration buff before eothas challange fails
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