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  1. 1 from Maje, 1 from kraken, 1 from black isle( pre FS), 1 hidden in FS(no clue how much PER you need to see it)
  2. Bm/tactician works nicely from the start and one item with flanked immu is easily obtainable (just $$$).
  3. Saw it procing many times in combat log. What do you mean by saying it wasn't work exactly like it should?
  4. wiz: death ring, petrification druid: touch of death chanter: boil their flesh.... and upgrade priest: dismissal (race and lv dependent) marux amanth dager (soulbound) : sacrifice no clue how detonate from cipher looks, never tested it maybe some others? most of them work only on enemies under 25% health
  5. she will not die without opening all remaining sigils (she opens, then die) so you would have to face all sigils at once I think graze it's enough
  6. its get even better, as long as you are not at max wounds and engage any monk ability that removes engagment will get discounted by 1 wotw->4 wounds skyward kick->2 efficient anguish->0 as long as you hit with last two
  7. straight out of Maje edit. idk what PER you need to see the switch to vault and you have to buy your way in (2000) or pass some skill check with Kipeha
  8. Scripted interaction with big wave while sailing. After that you don't have to wait for Llengrath to land on your ship and invite you (its bugged), you can just go to FS a start dlc. Basically if Black isle is full of tentacles you can start it.
  9. never tested it but i suspect dagger modal wont stack with conqueror stance(but there are also bracers of deflection and ekkevit drink that should stack after save/reload)
  10. Character wearing it is excluded from effects. Chanter/bm ( I assumed he runs bloodmage) for dex immu can just cast Shatter their shackles... and extend it via wall of draining.
  11. I don't it's true regarding PL. If my memory don't fail me potion of ascension won't stack with stone of power. But I am not 100% sure.
  12. Shroud of phantasm: +10% action speed with spell while under INT inspiration). Squid grasp rapier : +20% action speed while threatened by 3 or more. Scoredeo pistol. -5% recovery on hit, stackable. Scordeo sabre: blade cascade 0 recovery Both of them abusable by SoT or lil'ooze pet outside combat,
  13. Spores have some wicked abilities, for example "storing magic" - every time they are hit with spell number of stacks of it goes by one, on death for each stack they fire magic missiles (like lv1 spell, autohit), with few stacks they can hit hard. Spell reflection work vs disintegration, watch out not to cast it on enemies with it and try to keep it all the time on wizards. Try to use BDD(priests spell, nemnok cloak, wand from Bkarna observatory), street sweeper staff with proper upgrade can help too. IDK how items with "second chance" type of enchantment interact with disintegrate type of spells.
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