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  1. Hard to not agree but still it's pretty good output on autoattacks, I wonder if all that lashes would work on FF ability??? Or the ones tagged as "weapon" not??
  2. yep, smth like shadowdancer can have +20% from that ring, +20% turning wheel, +15% lightning strikes, +10% kahako nihi, +5% hylea talons, +3% belt of magran and +10% horns of aurochs(conditional) Total 83%, on rouge , sweeeet. Put him next to herald for extra 30% (aefyllath..., shared flames), 113%
  3. It generates and it is super easy to manage how much wounds you have any given momen with thunderous blows (instacast, no recovery) and blood sacrifice( sub 1sec cast, no recovery)
  4. No love for rouges? Something similar with paladins Virtouos Triumph as passive on armor would be nice.
  5. idk, you would have to summon @thelee to explain why is it like that , I tested (cpt.banquet and rum) and the numbers where the same for dagger worse for poingard with rum (but i had few sources off +action speed like gloves. btw shank (another speed up) from rust poingard works with both weapons but you loose persistent distraction and deathblows while invis (you dont engage), you need another source of flanking (pernicious cloud its nice from stealth) and most strangely Blade cascade won't work while under vanishing strikes, at least not for me
  6. Pukestabber with rum it's a trap choice, you end with the same numbers dual wielding like with cpt,banquet, worse on rest fast weapons. Yeah ,you loose +20%dmg on 10-14 base weapon DoC armor vs Miscreant lether is 0,1 sec slower on recovery with two fast weapons and max DEX( cpt banquet 1,5vs1,4, 1,4vs1,3 with Abraham , mari crudia 1,6vs1,5 with Abraham 1,7vs1,6 without) but gives 2 extra guile. Another option is to max guile. DoC, The Bathyal Drop and Adriatic Glow will give you 15 guile (5 vanising strikes, or going Swift plus 4, better hit to crit with Gambit, options is many) Longest duration of vanishing strike you will get with Cabalist/Mari crudia/ooblit ( I was getting 14,5 sec with 27INT) If you wan't to spam Wit of Death Herald maybe Mari Crudia would be the best.
  7. I have "Potion of Plenty" done and if I try to export char I'm getting msg "bla bla quest item that cannot be exported bla bla, unequip...." Is my save is glitched? PC btw.
  8. Wall of draining + Mask of the Weyc, Furrantes breastplate, Magnificent escape cape, lay on hands and hands of light should give you 200+deflection(without shield) and around 70hp/sec healing with practiced healer and decent might.
  9. @baldurs_gate_2 you have to upgrade Effigy Husk with Armor of Flesh and should work against orb.
  10. Cap doesn't provide resolve immunity to character wearing it, only those around him. You can work around it by summoning summons with your items, wizard and monk can do it. idk if wiz can summon while shaken, monk can, I assuming having RES resistance(pet). Rest should work so maybe bugged (i had few cases of items losing enchantment but only on headgear)
  11. here you go @baldurs_gate_2, he did ENG run too (overall his 3rd run, mad lad)
  12. Not true, Healing Hands gloves are enough for healing, and thunderous blows are perfect to burn wounds(instacast and no recovery) before blood sacrifice. Considering that hel/bm can make himself invulnerable to melee attacks(blade turning), can have sky high deflection ( around 200 is easy to get, and 50 % of ranged attacks are bounced back), and other defences matched maybe only by arcane knight(+15 str,+10 to int translate into nice bonuses) most of damage is coming from blood sacrifice. More then good as nuker and as gish. But my experience comes from solo play so idk how he can perform with team.
  13. I just watched few minutes, but I suspect he uses bdd from items/potions(wand/cloak), but either way great job
  14. Easiest way is Wit of Death Herald on your mc, its 1/rest. Just pick the right answers when talking to gods.
  15. Why not automate mortification of soul? With blade cascade running, briliiant, wounds from curse and hylea talons it should be around 2-2,5sec to go from 0 to 10 btw if more of that spiders were bullish (belranga) sh1t would hit the fan I think, you should have Effort prepared, but congratulations, great job.
  16. Passive. Stuff like deflection bonus from duskfall , mask of weyc, bonuses from magistrate cudgel(deliberations), acute from that FS ring etc all stacks( I didn't test everything). If you don't have to turn it on manually its passive. Maybe there are some that won't stack.
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