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  1. Personally, I monk and wizard the most for soloing. The monk is beefy, has good defenses, and his offense is great right from the beginning (torment's reach is so devastating). The wizard is probably the most versatile class and has an answer to all the problems. But that is just my personal taste. I don't like it when fights take too long, which is the case with paladin and chanter (before Lvl 9), in my opinion.
  2. The dragon's fear aura targets your will defense. Choose those two cipher talents that retaliate against will attacks with stun + raw damage. The Dragons will perma-stun and ultimately kill themselves, if you stay alive long enough. I think psychic backlash is the name of the first talent. Use potions of vital essence, defensive and CC cipher powers to stay alive, maybe borrowed instinct to push your accuracy, and a scroll of immunity against fear. Kill Llengrath early. Disintegration and recall agony are also great cipher powers for beating meaty foes like dragons. But as Boeroer pointed out, the good old whispers of treason works just fine (and is maybe the most cost-efficient solution in terms of focus spend).
  3. as you might already know, firebrand is a great melee weapon for ciphers early on because it fills up your focus very quickly. with forgemaster gloves plus that nrw soulbound belt you can summon firebrand 6 times per rest. whispers of treason and mental binding can protect you early on. during midgame, I like to protect my melee ciphers with those turquoise cloaks that allow you to insta-cast mirrored image. you can also cast vampiric shield out of combat on one of your teammates with min RES, but that is a bit cheap imo.
  4. I agree that the base damage of tlp is a bit too high, but if we talk about balance, priests, wizards, druids and the dragon thrashed should also be nerfed to some degree. the mechanics of poe 1 are fun and interesting. Still, they require rebalancing, although they were patched so often. I do not understand why the devs decided to throw all this work away and develop so many new but totally unbalanced mechanics for poe 2. why start from scratch?
  5. I found monk and wizard fairly easy for soloing, but these are the only two classes I have tried. I can recommend both, though. The wizard is just so versatile, he or she can handle all situations the game throws at you (but you need some experience and knowledge how to use the spells efficiently and which spell combos are good). Plus the per rest casting system allows you to drown your enemy in the sheer volume of magic in a single encounter. Monks are beefy and can deal a lot of damage. The Monksterlasher / Anvil builds are good for soloing. Will your solo run be ToI mode, and do you intend to kill all dragons and bounties? For potd parties: it is a matter of taste and play style. There is no clear "best party". The most powerful party for my playstyle was priest, wizard, druid, chanter, barb and monk. But I like to play very micro-intensive and with a tons of CC (I hate to use healing spells). I guess that most other players are lazier ;-) I would say that any combo of the three vancian caster classes priest / wizard / druid plus chanter is ridiculously powerful (no matter the specific builds). if you know the game well, this combo will be boring ;-)
  6. On my first playthrough, I ignored the official companions and build a party of adventurers. That was a bad decision ;-). I had problems understanding certain parts of the story and the lore. On my second playthrough, the companions who were most important for the story and the lore were in my opinion: Durance, Aloth, and Eder. I would not leave one of those three out. They are so closely tied to the main story. Plus I would recommend grieving mother, she has a quite interesting, though a bit blurry personal quest, that also relates to the main story quite a bit. Note that you can solve all of the companion quests. You can switch a lot between party members, and I would recommend that because its fun and diversifies gameplay. The least important companion to me (storywise) is Sagani, plus Zahua, but I would not recommend leaving him out because his personal quest is fun and something different ;-).
  7. In my experience it is far more effective to master AoE CC effects (Slicken, Chillfog, Ninagauths Shadowflame). Because when you hard-CC your foes, they can't attack you, so you don't need defense spells. Plus your other chars can kill your foes quite easily. But that depends a bit on your wizard build. I would not choose 4 defense spells as spell mastery, not more than 1 is needed, the rest is overkill. On 3rd level of spells, I would never choose anything else than Deleterious Alacrity of Motion, no matter the build. It's a no-brainer, one of the best spells in the entire game.
  8. Hi, after running the 3.07 Deadfire Update, I have encountered an already known save game error: when I try to save the game, no save game is created (or not recognized). So when I try to load, the latest save game cannot be found. In the game, the usual entry in the game log that pops up after clicking "save game" does not appear. Please note that I have already tried the following known methods for this problem: - using all the methods described in the pinned post for troubleshooting https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86079-workarounds-and-troubleshooting-4-19-16/ - verifying game cache via steam (repairing was not needed...) - running the game as administrator - checking properties and access, but all important folders got enough permission rights - re-install the game - switching off malware software The error also has appeared right after a Windows 10 update, don't know whether this is important. I have attached an output log. I would be very thankful for any advice! I have two playthroughs that are close to completion that I would like to import to Deadfire! Thanks, NB output_log.txt
  9. The old health / endurance system was clearly better in my opinion. They should have implemented a cross-class talent though, that lowers your endurance and increases health (would have been great for human, nature and fire godlike race specials). Let's face the developer's dilemma: if you want to sell your game, the average player who starts from scratch has to understand the basics of game mechanics. This means: your game mechanics must not be too complex, or even easy to understand. On the downside, easy to understand often means unbalanced or at least easy-to-break for experienced players. If you want to develop a game that shines with balanced and interesting game mechanics as well as replayability, it has to be somewhat complex too, because else it is boring. I wish they would have chosen the path of complexity and balance. Those guys who did not understand PoE 1 mechanics should go and play Diablo....;-)
  10. It is a pity that they changed game mechanics so much. especially the way health / endurance and knockout injuries were handled in poe 1. because that was the best health / injury system I ever saw in a game.
  11. These new items are ill balanced. I would say they are nothing more than a marketing gag for catching those who complained about items not being powerful enough. Gotta sell deadfire.
  12. I prefer prayers too, but I find liberating exhortation and suppress affliction useful too. even if you know all fights, you will not always have the corresponding prayer available due to being low-leveled. and there is the most annoying affliction of all: stunned. there is no prayer that makes your whole party immune to it. by the way, my first TC run ended with a stronghold attack by vithracks. for no obvious reason, the auto-pause did not work for this stronghold attack, and one of the vithracks AoE-stunned my whole party and crit most of my group directly at start of battle. ). I have never seen such an attack in a regular fight with vithracks, but thats maybe because I kill them too quickly because I scared of them...
  13. My party have finally arrived to level 10. And what I did is: note down the total damage inflicted by each party member, right before hitting level 9, and once again right after hitting level 10.So, this is what I've got: I knew that Dragon Trashed is good, but didn't expect it to outdps my main. Actually they were going toe-to-toe, but during The Battle of Yenwood Field, chanter took a clear lead. Thank you for the interesting overview, MaxQuest. If I remember correctly, your mod introduced some changes for elemental talents, e.g. scion of flame applying to the Dragon chant. Is that true? And did you go with Scion of Flame on your chanter? because it would be interesting to know whether you obtained these numbers with or without the fire talent.
  14. the priest is one of the best facilitators for your party - some may say the best. but you can definitely do without a priest on potd. I would recommend using scrolls, especially the immunization scrolls against paralyze, charm and so on, plus the +15 accuracy and the +20 def scrolls. I find ciphers very helpful when running a party without priest. that's maybe because they attack will defense with a lot of their cc powers. as will is often the lowest defense of your opponents, ciphers do not necessarily need the priest's devotions or inspiring radiances to hit. if you do not want to play a cipher, I would recommend a wizard . they also have great cc powers that attack will, and you can buff their accuracy with eldritch eye or merciless gaze if needed. if you choose a blaster build, tge wizard may require less micro management than a cipher
  15. How does resonant touch actually work? It displays quite a big AoE (two circles for friend and foe AoE), but it seems to work only on single targets. the description seems to be wrong too... when does the raw damage get applied? combat log did not really help me there, but maybe I did not check thoroughly. The recovery seems to be quite long. Would be grateful for some advice!
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