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  1. Yeah I seen that build, just that I have a dislike for rogues. Not just this game but in general Cannot help it lol.
  2. I have been following the discussion with great interest so far. Thanks guys. Since I do take Eder as the main tank, I think I can be a bit more 'adventurous' with my chanter And yes I agree getting interrupted while trying to do a strong summon would be a pain in the butt. Got a good general idea of it now, time to try some stuff out ^^
  3. Oh I did not seen your reaction there yet. Thanks ^^ Hmm that does mean I have to take - Thrice Was She Wronged, and Thrice Justly Avenged first right? Cause it is an upgrade from that one I believe? So that means no skeletons or do you pick those later or not at all? Also thanks for the input other people! I am gonna throw myself into it
  4. Well OK, Eder as main tank and my MC the off tank decided to focus on summons and support. How would MI 14, CON 10, DEX 10, PER 8, INT 18, RES 17 be? Better to switch something around?
  5. I am really sorry I posted in the wrong forum. I thought I was on the right one but obviously not. My Apologies. Thanks for some solid information given to me, some useful links as well. I was definitely going shield and sword style and big shields with the wall ability yes. But perhaps that is less useful If I decide a fighter be the main tank? I lean more towards summoning and support invocations vs the debuffing and CC part. Especially after considering playing a more off tank when reading Natures Bounty advice. That was indeed the idea at first, but when reading your p
  6. Hello, I played the game on PoTD for a while as monk with a party of (eder, xoti, maia and aloth) however I reinstalled my PC and forgot to take my save file >.< So I am gonna start over. I have been looking for some advice on a nice chanter-tank build to play but cannot get my mind set on the attribute spending. On guides or videos I see people buff up mostly INT and MIGHT and then either dumping DEX or RES to buff the other. Wouldn't dumping RES make you extremely squishy as a tank or does the high DEX make up for this? And what about PER? So in a nutshell. I am se
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