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  1. Heys guys! Is it possible to talk/interact to Syri and/or Mirke?! I've aggroed the whole room through the locked upper door while exploring the area before finishing the quest Blow the Man Down.
  2. Heys guys! I bought the Obsidian Edition a few minutes ago. Now preloading. Very excited to finally play the game tomorrow. I can see the Scavenger Hunt Items in the DLC section at Steam but no Preorder stuff?! Is that normal?
  3. Thanks for you help! I think I would like to roll with a chanter for my solo run. A (short) solo chanter guide for the actual version of the game would be great, because I tend to take the wrong choices (attributes, skills, early items/quests).. Maybe someone give me some advice to take a fresh start? Difficulty would be normal? I'm not that hardcore for PotD solo :D
  4. Heya! Wanna do another 2 runs of the game and this time it should be solo and party potd. Which build would you recommend for solo? Which party would you prefer for potd? Easy as possible for a not that experienced player ) Hope you guys can help me out.. Thanks a lot!
  5. Heya! I have to say that I'm not that experienced in the game (mechanics etc.) but I would really like to do a solo run now. Do you recommend your build for me? Or are there other solo builds around which would be better for me? Thanks so far man! Edit: How difficult is it to reach the items on day 4?
  6. Sometimes it's so easy. I saw the potions now in the game and that solves all my "problems" I can have with this achievement I think. Because I just need them for the frontline characters and they are available early on. Btw. are the resources limited (like the enemy party) or can I buy them at a vendor?
  7. Just started with 4 chanters and 2 rangers but already think about to switch the rangers for 2 other chanters. Ranger is damn micro managing. That's the huge difference.
  8. Heya! I think mass chanter would do it easily. When I don`t want to use Scrolls, do I need a priest? Because charming enemies. But the spells need rests sometimes. What else would you consider a viable party? Would do it in normal or hard. Thanks!
  9. Just a short question in general. How can I see which day of the month I actually have? I've tested it in Black Hound Inn on the upper level chest. Without a rest (directly from the beginning to Gilded Vale) I get the Rymrgand's Mantle. With the rest you have to take I get a Minor Ring of Deflection. So the game starts with day 20 as it seems?
  10. Hey guys! I hope you can help me a bit. I've started PoE a few times know but sadly never finished it. But not this time! Had a break (again, the third time now) between 2 huge patches so I have to adjust a lot now. Wanna test some new stuff, too. Can someone give me a short overview, with the new patch, how my party can/should look like? I play at "Normal". 1 Party Leader (Per/Res?!) 1 Offtank 1 Priest (never really tried this class before) 1 Wizard 2 DMG Dealers Which classes/builds would you choose as a less experienced player (building builds I know a lot o
  11. Heya I've sneaked around with my Ranger to avoid hostility from the many elves around there. Now every time I load/reload a savegame, my pets runs forward and the hole map gets very aggro Any chance I get ris of this? This damn pet always runs straight forward...
  12. Sorry for the question but is the "normal" new content also available without The White March Add On and just the recent update for Pillars of Eternity? Add On: The White March - Part I takes place in the . Word of Durgan's Battery and its buried treasures (including Durgan's Steel) has made its way back to the Watcher of Caed Nua. We have two new companions in the expansion: , a scarred, drug-addicted monk who thinks pain is the true path to enlightenment. The , a construct with the soul of a murderer infused inside. The expansion adds in a special class of items called . These weapo
  13. Heya! I'm playing with the new patch at the moment and have some serious problems.. Group (most builds are from the steam communityguide from nerdcommando.gamestudios) Paladin (Shieldbearer of St. Elega, Tank) Fighter (Lady of Pain, Retaliate Tank/low DPS) Rogue (Pure ranged DPS) Druid (Catform / Spells / Bow, DPS) Chanter (Speed Metal, Buffs & Ranged DPS) Aloth (took the good spells but I don't know.. Not that much DPS) What I'm wondering about.. I'm just playing on normal and sometimes got my ass kicked hard just by random encounters.. I get huge amounts of damage wh
  14. You mean the option "Choose Companion Starting Levels"? I've enabled it so I'm allowed to manually level up new companions. At the time I got Aloth and Eder they are level 2 and already leveled up..?!
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