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  1. Thanks for all the comments people. Apparently, some of my scores haven't been as accurate as they could've been, but then again, it might have come down to personal taste or just not being as thorough in testing. Well, it seems I slept on Wicked Briars. I never really used the skill much, and my score kinda reflected that, but upon testing it a bit further, I agree that it's definitely a really good spell, and I'll update the post to reflect that. Still probably wouldn't want to put it down in every fight but definitely not deserving of a 1/5. And you're right, looking over the l
  2. Disclaimer: This will be long. Very, very long. This is not quite a build guide but rather a more in-depth look at the Fury Druid and all its components. Most of it comes from my own personal testing and experiences playing it and the game, as well as some other sources, such as the Pillars Discord and C.LE's An Almanac for the Deadfire. As such, I'll be discussing a lot of things in more detail, so if you wanted a short concise guide, this won't be it. I'll be giving my opinion on pretty much everything about the class, from creation, to leveling, to gameplay, to itemization. Of course,
  3. Blood Sacrifice seems to not be working at all on the beta. Tested it by using different PL spells and casting Blood Sacrifice. An animation plays, but no damage is dealt and no casts are restored.
  4. For me Blood Sacrifice flat out doesn't seem to work. Tested it by casting different PL spells, then using Blood Sacrifice. The animation plays but it doesn't let me choose what level to restore and no health gets drained.
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