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  1. The discussion of Amra in a couple threads made me wonder what on-kill effects there are beyond the barbarian abilities and cleaving stance. I’m sure I’m forgetting or unaware of some, so fill me in!
  2. Man, that seems crazy. If there's minimal point to using it on a barb then (although I'm sure the insta kill low health enemies is still pretty nice), does something like a paladin/helwalker make more sense? Still has an easy way to get the 25 might and the AOE would just be gravy. Kinda seems like monks are also aimed more at dual wielding though - only having one chance to crit on stunning surge seems sad.
  3. So many options! I generally like DoC for the extra resources, but I’ve had bad luck getting the enchant materials before
  4. Yup, dual wield vs 2h is the other part of the equation. I guess since respecs are pretty cheap, I might as well try both and see which one I prefer. I realize I've created a bit of a nonbo with the FOD heal and confusion, but DoC breastplate and Modwyr are both pretty early and there are plenty of spells/drugs.
  5. Well...crap Does the Amra effect just not proc for barbarians or does it overwrite carnage? Seems like neither one of those makes much sense
  6. I’m debating either going dw aiming towards using magrans favor for FOD, or 2h for Amra, since frenzy should make hitting 25 might trivial. Any idea how the power levels to fire compares to the extra carnage effect from Amra dps-wise?
  7. How will this dps compare to a holy slayer after the two weapon nerf? I know rogue buffs neutralize it somewhat, but my understanding was it would be rough on paladins and FOD. Do monks also mitigate the nerf enough?
  8. Just a quick update - thanks for the advice, I went with a vanilla geomancer, no subclasses. So far it’s been a blast! Feels like there’s both more to do with the spells while still having the ability to do reasonable damage whenever I run out of spells.
  9. Oof, slicken and chill fog both being transmutation is rough. I guess Tekehu can pick up the chill fog slack, but that's quite the hit
  10. So I’m thinking evoker/ranger. Are there any essential spells in blocked by losing conjuration and transmutation? Also, any particularly important wizard spells that are t already in the grimoire? Up til now I’ve been focusing mainly on melee classes and haven’t put too much thought into spells beyond the odd priest buff/aloth fireball
  11. Any particular ranger subclass? I’d lean ghost heart to avoid pet micro, but that’s assuming the pet is underwhelming. Haven’t tried chanter too much, will have to play with it a bit
  12. Ive been poking around in the builds thread and am curious about making a wizard using the frost spells in ninagauth’s teachings and watershaper’s focus. Since the focus is pretty awesome in its own right, am I shooting myself in the foot by adding a martial multiclass, and if not what would everyone recommend? I’m a fan of adding rogue to everything for sneak attack/deathblows/etc, and I suspect helwalker would be pretty solid too. Anyone have any favs? Edit: I’d be playing with a party in veteran, maybe potd if I’m feeling spicy
  13. Does scion of flame affect flame lashes? I assume not and it’s just abilities, but would definitely be cool if it did
  14. Thanks for the feedback - I’m playing veteran with a party, so yeah, big picture they both work. I dabbled in potd in poe1, but didn’t love it. Too much time needed buffing for trash fights for me. Sounds like I’ll probably go with the marauder and just make sure I keep an eye on bloodied so I don’t kill myself. I like escaping to get to the squishies, and which seems better suited to the barb
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