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  1. SCREW THIS!!!!! For those of us who played the first game we are currently finding the POTD difficulty WAYYYY TOOOOO FRICKKKKENNN EASSSSYYYYY!!!!!! I have given up playing the game until its fixed can you please give an ETA for when this is happening??? Is it days? weeks??? months??? not happy!!!!!
  2. Hopefully they are fixing POTD because currently it is not enjoyable at all because every battle is a walk over.
  3. Screw this im waiting untill POTD is fixed. Im really not enjoying stomping over everything in less then two minutes. Im quitting untill its fixed. Anyone now when its happening????? SO PISSED OFFF!!!!!! GAME IS WAY TO EASY NO CHALLENGE
  4. The game in its current state is almost not playable becasue it is far to easy If you can wait until they fix it for a better experiecnce
  5. Like the title says. The game is so easy it’s not funny. Please let us now when it is getting fixed so we can stop playing and wait for it, Thanks you
  6. ive been playing potd for 40 hours and havent had to reload once. even so called boss fights are over in less then 1 minute its ruining my experience bigtime
  7. yeah thats what i though but that is pretty stupid just about any weapon kills a barrel in one hit. must be something else
  8. I have no idea how this thing is supposed to work the description on it is very vague For starters: What is Cacophony? tt says it means 100% damage to destructibles what is that supposed to mean?? This is also factored into the damage variable if you click on it but im not seeing it show up in the damage log when i hit someone with it Then there is the upgrade thunderersblows. IT says if you destroy a destructable you get a thunder clap??? WTF is a destructable????
  9. So im playing POTD and steamrolling it. IT IS WWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY TOOOOO EEEEASSSSSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im well aware they Josh has said he is fixing it but they need to make this a priority and do it asap because it isnt fun beating entire groups of bad guys with a broom stick on the highest difficulty. Can we please voice our opinion here so they make POTD ALOT harder. Not just a little bit harder they need to make it far harder then it is. Lets all work together for once guys and voice our opinion for the good of this common cause Please post below that you want POTD FAR harder then it is.
  10. @OP In POE1 a wizard could literally nuke and entire battle field. Fun the first few time you do it yes, also quite satisfying. Fun the tenth or twentieth time you so it, not so much. You get the point?
  11. Im loving the actual game play of Deadfire. But i must admit im finding the main plot narrative extremely dull. Every time I hear that narrator i think " Jesus i cant wait to this crap finishes so i can get back to playing the game again" IMHO they have got the narrative and the main plot very wrong. It is not captivating, interesting or well written. If they ever do a game like this again they need to get a new narrative team at obsidian to do it because they let the rest of the team down. Dont get me wrong the game is still unbelievably good just not the narrative
  12. My First Impression Yeah its awesome. Im pretty immersed in it. Still ealy days though i have only completed the first island. Its definitely a lot better then the first game. Significantly better. It is currently way to easy on POTD but that is getting fixed apparantly. The only problem i have with Deadifre is the narrative and plot arent as good as what they could be. If Obsidian did a game like this again i would highly recommend they get a new Narrative director for the story plot and script writing. This is where they have fallen short i think in this area, i give them about a 5/10 for narrative and all other areas probably close to 10/10. I think the game exceeds BG2 in all aspects apart from the narrative and plot. These are two very important parts though so unfortunately i dont think deadfire is overall better then BG2. BG2 had the luxury of tapping into Forgotten Realms lore. IF only Obsidian had the chance to do the same ...................... Overall i give it an 8.5/10
  13. what do you meant there was no patch there was a fricken huge patch done from beta 4 to game release If anyone nows where it is please post asap
  14. well why dont you add some intelligent input instead of just giving comments like " stupid" " mad" good one
  15. oh...i thought there was monk and fighter and lots of others?...buggerHe is absolutely wrong. He is just salty that they nerfed the rogues sneak attack skill. Rogues have plenty of utility and are excellent when multiclassed due to the utility (through some cheap/good DoT and debuffs) and mobility they provide Check out their skills by going to the Pillars of eternity Reddit and seeing the ful lalbum of skills. Seriously, he was complaining all of yesterday in threads that weren’t even his own at one point. F off rogues are weaker in deadfire then POE1 easily - no reckless assualt (-6 accuracey and 20% damage i think) - sneak nerfed to 30% - Deathblows nerfed to 50% - No accuracey stacking talents anymore so no more critting like POE1 And are you waiting for it.............listen to this one: - Rogues get only 1 high level ability and all it does is let you make an attack then go invisible for 5 secs AND CHANTERS CAN SUMMON FRICKEN DRAGONS YEP THATS RIGHT DRAGONS!!
  16. you have no choice but to build a backstab build rogue now because there are no other viable options for single class
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