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  1. sneak attack got nerfed to 20%? really thats Fked up why build a rogue then? Reckless assualt gone to
  2. im pretty sure they would take that into consideration. But they have done stupid things like that before eg they nerfed the unlabored blade because of barbarian carnage so yeah its possible
  3. yeah i just checked out ranger on early access there not very good at all. probably one of the weakest classess IMO mainly because twin arrow got bumped up to a level 8 ability, is not a model anymore and costs bond to use.........................mehhh
  4. quick question guys does anyone no what starting attributes are for each class or a link to this info? eg deflection accurecy ect....... and what is the max level of abilities/ spells you can reach for a mulitclass? say for example an multi wizard/ fighter can only get 7th level spells ive been told? and a rogue 7th level powers?
  5. Does anyone know at what point he shows the map? I watched very little of his videos, just enough to check the graphics and a little bit of the boat. But I would like to see the map. Well he hasnt explored the whole map yet so you wont be able to see alot of it anyway. Its not that hard to catch him on an overland map on his latest stream have a look
  6. He must have meant the critical path on the main narrative was the size on POE1. The overland map is stupid huge. Like really huge. I really wasnt expecting it to be anywhere near that big. The guy who was given the EA himself couldnt stop commenting on the size of the game espically the size of the new city. He spent a nearly a whole day of game play exploring probably half of one of the city maps and doing the quests that came up.
  7. Wow Wasnt expecting this. Very polished game Big huge enormous exploration themed game . I think they mislead us about the size of the game theres no way its similar size to pillars 1. It would be the same size as pillars 1 plus the two white march expansions maybe. Blown away by how big it is. Unbelievable narrative. You shape the world around you. Havnt seen a game this good for a long time. Many years. Not since BG2. This is actually looking like it gong to be better then BG2. It will easily be universal critical acclaim across all the major review sites. 95/100 + easily WOW
  8. I reckon Josh will include these items . I remember him saying on a previous thread that he may include them in DF. Heres hoping how cool would that be!!!
  9. Mines going to be a rogue single class dual wielding rogue, I just find them incredibly fun once they are speccd right up Once they are fitted out with high end gear and weapons then buffed by support casters it is hilarious watching them run around the battlefield taking everyone out they need a bit of support to keep them alive but oh boy they punch hard
  10. does anyone know if they have said if more spells will come available through finding grimoires?? like the black pages in WM
  11. Im not really that impressed from what ive seen on the full skill trees So they have: - all melee classes have gotten a really big overhaul with a lot of new talents and skills. - melee guys look pretty cool and will be good fun to play i think now the bits im super pissed off about: - the casters basically have the exact same spells as pillars 1 witch is a huge bummer. I was hoping for an overhaul here with alot of new spells but i didnt get it. There is the odd new spell thrown in here and there plus the one extra level of high spells. - not only this but they have appeared to have reduced the spells that where available in the first game - for those of us who have spent alot of time playing pillars one this is pretty sad because we allready have used these spells over and over. - alot of the new high level spells arent that good, and i mean really arent that good. IMHO there are lot of lower level spells that are better then them. very disappointing. There are a few good ones though From what ive seen casters may well be better off being multiclassed now. High level casters dont pack the punch they use to especailly when you take into consideration the new resting system
  12. So we had 6 party members in pillars 1. I consider ranger a support class really as it doesn't fill any critical role like a tank, healer, buffer, de-buffer. One could argue they fill the same role as a rogue or barb as a second line damage dealer, but with only a 5 member party it would be hard to position a ranger in battle formation where they are not not getting engaged by an enemy melee character. Taking this into consideration i think a rogue or barb would be a far better option then a ranger because they engage better in melee. It is also a greater priority to keep your casters out of melee then a secondary damage dealer. I am finding it very hard to justify putting a ranger in my party. I think they will be to hard to position both a ranger and casters to keep them out of melee. Say if a party consisted off: melee/ tank role: Fighter/ pally/ chanter melee/ tank role: fighter/ pally/ chanter Secondary damage dealer: ranger Caster/ healer: mage/ priest/ druid Caster/ healer: mage/ priest/ druid That would leave only 2 characters to protect the rest of your party from being engaged by melee...........................hmmmm
  13. the 45 gb would include the three expansions probably i wouldnt worry about it, this is the full pre-load not a partial preload
  14. mine is preloading how long does in take to get rid of the encryption on may 8th? is it instant or does it take a while? anyone know?
  15. Would watching a movie or reading a book be better if you didn't know the plot beforehand? Same answer applies to video games. well you cant get stuck on a puzzle or lost on a map watching a movie
  16. i think the game will be alot more enjoyabe if i find out everything for myself instead of coming to the forums for help what do you guys reckon?
  17. i couldnt get into the NWN series . I tried and tried but just couldnt do it. TBH i have only ever really enjoyed the BG series and Pillars series.
  18. I think what i was getting at was that the icewind dale series failed to captivate the the market enough for gaming studios to keep releasing more games like BG2 and IWD. and yeah history has obviously proven that i am 100% correct . There hasnt been anything like it up untill Pillars 1 was released. How you go from best RPG of all time (BG2) to nothing else made like it for well over a decade is beyond my understanding. Pretty big disaster from my point of view because CRPGS are the only games i like.
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