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  1. check out a rouges talent tree after the latest beta patch man they frickin suck big time. They where one of my facourite classes in pillars 1 no reckless assualt stupid pointless talents at level up you cant stack super high accuracy with them as much any more then enabled them to crit all the time in pillars 1 i cant find one ability they have apart from sneak attack that is even worth talking about
  2. another thing, With the new changes with them getting rid of per rest abilities: Correct me if im wrong but a fighter will now be able to use unbending per encounter every encounter thats insane. Basically a fighter will be invincible for a good part of every fight way way way over powered
  3. there going to get nerfed i guarantee it, If you put a few priest buffs on a fighter built like this he would be unstoppable Rogues and barbs are so underwhelming compared to fighters, Rogues need a buff bigtime I reckon they made them worse off then Pillars 1 and barbs got completely screwed, no weapon procs on carnage lol...................that was there entire trick to buidl around in the first game
  4. I nearly fell off my chair when i wen through a fighters talent tree Immunity to affflictions, dex, resolve , might (wow !!! this is SUPER POWERFUL!!!!) +20 defence to charm , dominate 25% armoured grace confident aim 50% grazes converted to hits fast runner 15% speed unbending (super powerful) seriously wtf!!!! Fighters have been supercharged compared to pillars 1!!! I personally have found them to definately be superior to rogues and barbs in the BETA , havent tried pally yet
  5. why dont we start a new thread called' "The completely pointless personal attack, trolling and boring information thread" and then all you guys can go over there and have a right old crack at each other to satisfy you boredom
  6. cmon guys let it go no one wants to read a pointless arguement move on
  7. Very true and valid but do remember that you are on an Obsidian forum. Prepare to be burned in witch's fire and crucified lmao By the way, welcome to the forums! Hopefully we don't scare you off, it's nice to get from fresh blood but unfortunately new members tend not to last very long. couldnt agree more well said
  8. Josh did this because he believed and i qoute directly from him; That he believed there was an great variety of talents and skills to choose from at level up in pillars 1 but well over half of them where never used by players or hardly selected at all. He thought there where a big heaps of talents that where pointless. And he was 100% correct, think about it in pillars 1 you usually only selected the core good talents and skills and left the rest alone. He has filtered all of them out and tried to use talents that are more relevant. It would be good to have a few more of course but we want more of everything......just give the game a go
  9. yeah i agree I never roll godlikes because of this. Remember if you roll any race other then a godlike you get the ability to use a helmet AND YOUR RACIAL ABILITIES I honestly think obsidian forgot about this in pillars 1. Getting an awesome helmet plus your racial abilities for another race just didnt compare to any of the godlikes powers at all. Another balancing act gone wrong it you ask me
  10. thats a pretty stupid bug. Have obsidian actually admitted its a bug maybe it is supposed to be like that?
  11. can you guys recommend what items are worth using for the DF pack? Do any of them have any bugs if so witch ones? Witch ones do you suggest are best? oh and where are they? thanks for the help, legends!!!!!!!
  12. I remember Josh stated on one of the old Pillars threads in this forum that Nighshroud was extremely powerful. The General consensus of the forum members at the time was that nightshroud was probably and if not the weakest soulbound out of all of them. I too have had great frustration with how josh interprets what is powerful and what is not when it comes to weapons. I personally dont even notice the difference bewteen 90% of the weapons in pillars 1. eg they all have minimal effects
  13. good well done if you are doing well trust me the game gets easier and easier every time you start a new play through I struggle to play the game now because it is to easy for me (completed over 1000 hrs) I dont want to solo it because the micro would be insane and i probably wouldn't have the patience for it
  14. @OP try and leave most of the white march expansions towards the end of the game and try to complete most of the main game first you can criss cross over and do both at the same time of course but generally try to do the origainal game first The white march second expansion is for much suited to high level chracters then the end game of the original. If you do it the opporsite way around you will find it way to easy even if you level scale
  15. I do not know what it is you have been smoking, but I hope it is legal wherever you are. Cheers! he has a point there the combat is very similar did you not see where he explained why its is? atleast he didnt just make a comment and not back it up without some facts
  16. its times like this i wish there was a "dislike" button no offence sonic btw but the words "tyranny" "casting system" and "great" do not belong in the same sentence
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