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  1. I think the reactions to this sort of content will vary wildly depending upon maturity and life experiences. Having said that, objectification should always be objectionable in my humble opinion. The romances in this game were uniformly terrible, with the notable exception of that which develops between Eder and Xoti. It was nice watching her work at winning him over then seeing him slowly come around and grow a little in the process. It was sweet. Personally, however, while I only felt mild disappointment over the handling of relationships amongst party members. . .It was the advances ma
  2. I can't function on weed, I enjoy being lit entirely too much to ruin it with. . .anything other than chain smoking, drinking and conversation.
  3. Same. However, I have to admit that even though the quest is rigged, that choice left to the player in the Skaen temple is a rough one once you know the outcome. I chose freewill the first time reflexively, but every time after that it was always with a lot of hesitation. How was it for you?
  4. The point of alignment was to assist people unfamiliar with roleplaying in envisioning how to play their character. And it is still a pretty useful tool for novices, I mean, new people stumble into it all the time I imagine. I haven't touched table top gaming in years. I tried it a couple times in High School, then in the Navy I did a lot more being stuck at my training command without having many other options. . . and I always found roleplaying much more attractive in the abstract. I could not bring myself to conjure up complicated, angsty backstories or unique voices and mannerisms. He
  5. How. . .Just. . .How. . .I ended the game with like a quarter of a million. Aside from the Paladin shield in the first town, I never paid for anything. The best loot and spells are plundered off dead enemies. . .What the devil did you find to spend your money on?
  6. This is patently absurd. It is precisely this breed of arrogance which causes discerning people to view intersectionality as distasteful. Homosexuality is not the issue, it is force which is an issue. Art does not judge, it invites judgment. Not through force, but through enticement. Contrarily, it is the nature of force to create resistance. It is for this reason that propaganda, no matter how attractive or well intentioned, can never do more than aspire to artistic expression while utterly failing to realize the transformative power of art. One cannot be beaten into enlightenment.
  7. Sketching a nude is difficult. The human body is comprised of terrific curvature and adaptive lines and when someone captures it perfectly, it can be breathtaking - largely dependent upon the medium and perspective but the point remains. Yet the most interesting aspect of the human body, artistically, are usually not which are revealed necessarily in the nude. I think it was Spielberg who once said that the most impressive landscape was the human face. But that is art. Nudity can be used brilliantly to comedic effect as well. Not because of what it shows, but because of what it suggests.
  8. When I am immersed, I tend to get so focused I lose track of things like music, otherwise its a mood thing. And the nice thing about jazz is that you can find some which will fit any ambiance. I don't know it works for me. And when it doesn't, there is always Pink Floyd :D
  9. You know, the only two games I have ever played with soundtracks which blew me away were Silent Hill 3 and American McGee's Alice. I will be content so long as it isn't noticeably bad. Truth be told, I usually cut the internal music on video games off anyway and just have some Gilespie or Coltrane playing over the hi fi.
  10. They could have made an entire game surrounding Bloodline and those clones, because the implications of Aztechnology succeeding with that program would have been pretty horrific. I liked the Black Lodge quest quite a bit as well
  11. Yeah well I can almost guarantee I will end up playing these guys credit: Pirates of Penzance
  12. Well, there is Berath's Blessing. That was what compelled me to tackle it all. https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire/updates/256 edit: Reading it now though, I realize by 'previous playthrough' it refers to playthroughs of Deadire, not Pillars, but at the time I hadn't caught it
  13. And it also made him incredibly sympathetic. It was at that point that I really bought the fact he truly believed what he had done was necessary because once he was confronted with the possibility of another course of action. . .it destroyed him. Great moment :D
  14. Too much content? Too much content? This "Josh" guy sounds like a jackass. At the end of his life I hope he finds himself in a purgatory filled with FF7 fanboys for half of eternity.
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