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  1. I tried a multi assassin / wizard and it failed spectacularly for the following reasons - don’t try and build a multi class wizard to sling damaging spells and buffs/ or debuffs on enemies. You will never come anywhere close to being as good as a single class wizard at this. Not even in the same ballpark. Like seriously don’t attempt it, all you will accomplish is the severe weakening off a very powerful wizard by multiclassing it for no reason at all. - I was aware of that he above so I attempted to build a assasin / wizard that specialised in buffing himself to increase tankiness, speed and damage per second. This also failed spectacularly for the following reasons: 1. Both the level 1 and 2 mirrored image spells either completely disappear after being hit ( the level 1 one) or severely diminish in power after being hit ( the level 2 one) . Both of them are not worth it and arcane veil is the only good defensive spell up to second level and it has a stupid short duration of 12 seconds. IMO also not worth it. There are two really good defensive spells for a wizard one of them is level 3 ( lengraths displaced image) and the level 5 iron skin. The sad thing is I realised that I didn’t need to buff myself for survivabilty because other companions in my party could buff me far better then I could buff myself. For example the cipher in my party was constantly buffing me with pain block and the priest was buffing me with devotions of the faithful. 2.the level three haste spell basically does nothing now. All it does is increase Dex by 5 points and you walk in combat faster. This spell would have been a huge help to a multiclassed dps wizard had they left it like it was in POE1. But no it is also currently useless and far from worth using 3. As mentioned above by Jerek Kruger the summoned weapons are crap So I realised multiclassing a wizard was a complete waste of time and ended my playthrough because a single class wizard was on another level more powerful. If I could have put up with it until I got citzals martial power then it would have been fun but that would have been right at the end of the game.
  2. well if they didnt know this (that the game is about to get a huge overhaul on veteran and POTD) then they are clearly wasting there time because when the patch comes out the work they did will be for nothing, dats why
  3. That game that pops up that boosts morale when you are sailing. If you select the nose every time you are guaranteed to win 100% of the time Its bugged
  4. Guys you are wasting your time talking about ways to implement your own balancing changes with the game in its current form. On the Twitch stream Q and A sawyer said thhat both Veteran and POTD are in FOR A HUGE OVERHAUL. Like a really big overhaul. Both of these difficulties are currently broken and they have not tuned them yet. Im hoping will be fixed by end of next week.
  5. I thought people played Spellblade as assassin/evoker critting with fireballs from stealth or some such, not as a martial class? I mean would you really end up using citzals martial power at max lvl? why would you want to do that when a single class wizard can do it better Assassinate works with spells. So, +25 Accuracy, +4 penetration, and +50% crit damage on spells. Thats why. Also, evasion is great for a squishy, deep pockets on a wizard means 6 quick slots for grimoires, combat stealth abilities, etc. Also if evoker's passive goes off out of stealth it will really do some damage. Good damage from stealth, best mobility in the game, and tons of utility not available to wizard class. Sounds reasonable to me. The best reason to do it is fun, and an Evoker/Sin looks like a lot of fun. Yeah but there a wizard self buffs that are far better then the assassinate ability Plus you get far less spells to use if you mulitclass The best way to build a multi-rogue would be to use wizard spells to boost melee and melee defense eg Arcane veil, merciless gaze, Displaced image, haste, and citzals martial power You are never going to beat a pure wizard caster with any multi-classed wizard if you want to sling damaging spells and buffs/ debuffs.......Period. Like no way in hell even going to come close to it. Absolutely no chance. All you are achieving is you are severely weakening the wizard
  6. I thought people played Spellblade as assassin/evoker critting with fireballs from stealth or some such, not as a martial class? I mean would you really end up using citzals martial power at max lvl? why would you want to do that when a single class wizard can do it better
  7. I’ve gone with the “wait till it’s fixed” idea too. On the upside, I can finish my POE1 play through... but I would have preferred the QA to have been adequately performed on 2 so I didn’t have to wait... you seem to have what others are lacking......................... a brain
  8. Im about buy them eg the crossbow had a speed issue the blunderbuss apparently didnt charm the hat confused anyone including other part members that buffed you plus a whole range of other bugs They fix them?
  9. You think a Assassin/ wizard is a bad multi? It probably would be the most powerful multi in the game when they get citzals martial power.
  10. Good points raised OP I to would l8ke a big completed game straight up. I support your point and and stunned that the usual negative aggressive people on this forum haven’t come out and started attacking you for writing such a subjective post. Maybe it is still early morning hours in the US and they are still sleeping.
  11. Watch the twitch stream Q+A they did yesterday. They CONFIRMED they are BOTH fixing POTD (longer project) and LEVEL SCALING separately (patching this week). Watch it. Cause they said it. I posted that before the twitch feed
  12. The game in its current state (a complete walkover) would not necessarly be the best testing ground for multiclass synergies at the moment wait until they fix it then say you have good synergies that work. Any synergy from any multiclass will be good and beat the game at the moment A level one priest/ monk with a quarterstaff is a synergy that can beat the game on POTD i wish i was joking
  13. because the game currently isnt big enough to make them worthwhile, by the time you gain enough levels to get what you want half the game is over, I will be rolling multis after the expansions come out
  14. @OP Dude you have seriously missed the boat this has been well discussed https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97171-potd-difficulty-launch-not-tuned-discussion-thread/ The issue is not tweaking classes the issue is currrently veteran difficulty and POTD have not been tuned and adjusted yet. Playing POTD is basically the same as playing on the easiest difficulty
  15. yeah i just checked it currently is number 15 on steam surprising hey wonder why so low? people waiting for the bugs to fixed and the difficulty sorted out maybe?
  16. well they favor anything other then duel wield for assasin or backstab So what is the go here is it staying like this or is it a bug?
  17. Im getting it the other way around My wizards are doing the butchering not being butchered
  18. They really need a new Narrative director and story writing team. This was the only issue i had with deadfire the game itself was awesome but the narrative was uninteresting and bland and dull
  19. Hey guys at Obs Is this considered a bug or is it intentional? If yes are you fixing it because it kind of forces rogues to build with two handed weapons
  20. Steam spy isnt giving full access figues anymore https://steamspy.com/app/560130 it says between 50,000 and 100,000 owners on the bottem left there but i think that is broken because it said that before launch anyone know the sales figures so far?
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