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  1. From the description it seems reviving command is supposed to drop the character down half the regained health after some period, however it is killing my full health characters after a short period.
  2. It can't possibly be designed. I had to use a mod to go back to PoE 1 scaling to get rid of having +4 disposition in almost everything.
  3. A third of the people on the forums that saw and could be bothered to reply to that poll, not the entire playerbase. We don't have any idea of what the actual numbers are. OBS might, if they get that sort of telemetry. (I know Paradox has some idea of the stats for their games, but even then, they're steam only). We don't know - unless anyone does and would like to bring some statistics to the table - for example, how many copies PoE2 has thus far sold/backed verses how many folk posted in that thread. The truth is that you are going to get a much larger proportion of PotD-players on the f
  4. Yeah I don't even think I've done anything cruel and I have Eder telling me I'm not a nice person and NPCs telling me not to get high and mighty because I'm a jerk. I have everything maxed except aggressive/cruel/shady which are at two. I'm only level 10. I'm sure they'll all be maxed soon.
  5. I still end up with the created history of Eder being mayor of him insisting he went home to his parents.
  6. I rarely swap off my main for all the little fights, and if I take too long a blink she's wasted half her spells. I manually turned off her AI and kept the others' on, but it would be nice to be able to swap when necessary without having to either turn back on/off her AI every time or micromanage every tiny fight.
  7. Whaaaaat. Okay, I'm perfectly fine with Eder not being an option for the Watcher, but THIS (if true) really does seem like trolling on the devs' part. What the heck. It's in the game data! I dunno the rules on image linking on this forum, but I can screenshot all the Eder/Iselmyr stuff and chuck it in an Imgur gallery or give you the directions to the data file itself for you to read if you need the proof. Ok can I just say that while that sounds super stupid my new POE II goal is to set up Eder and Iselmyr while romancing Aloth. Challenge mode engage.
  8. Hotfix could be out next Tuesday if i am not mistaken. So its not in fact Hotfix . They just renamed 1st patch to silence critics. Well what's just nice Yeah that was when they already said the 1st patch was happening. Rude to lie. Better to just say a hotfix would cause more problems than it's worth
  9. While I certainly agree in general that not including romances is not a slap in the face, this particular romance was the most asked for. Making it one of the only two that is not available is a poor reading of their playerbase at the least. This is especially true since as mentioned his reasoning is he's not in the right mindspace right now, which is clearly an excuse on the character's part/writers not being able to come up with a better reason seeing as he gets with apparently another party member. It's super weird to take one of the most requested romances and say not only can you not roma
  10. This is one of the clunkiest things I consistently see with game romances IMO. Sometimes it's done well in a believable way (like Aveline in DA2 - she is just *so* oblivious), but when an NPC's sexuality and general interest in relationships is established in game, and they turn the PC down for nebulous "you're like a brother to me" reasons, it kind of comes off as arbitrary dev "because we don't wanna" reasons. In that case, I tend to prefer that the flirt options just aren't even there for that character. It does seem a bit weird, especially seeing as he was the favorite companion fro
  11. That video is from when they were on the verge of bankruptcy which is no longer true. It feels like they didn't even play their own game for 15 minutes as the save game import/create history problems seem to be universal. How did they not notice them when you only have to play that long to hit two of them?
  12. There are three dlc that are coming out over the course of the summer/fall. There is nothing now dlc wise except the free critical role pac
  13. C'est tres bizarre parce que beaucoup d'erreurs sont correct avec google, mais avec Obsidian, non.
  14. I would guess that the game is reading it as you set the story manually, hence the option to ask who he is. Also I got that response when I said something about Berath I think. I never asked who he was.
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