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  1. any reccomendations as to what active and passive skills i should do, i am thinking alchemy is a big one with being the nalzpaca and skill line for monk and chanter ?
  2. Ok so here is my setup at the moment, I am going Monk Nalzpaca with Force of Anguish to start then chanter(cantor) as the subclass with skald because in another post i seen i should do fists with (Skalds generate phrases from critical hits so you want to attack as fast as possible.) The first chanter abilities i was going to do was Hel-hyraf crashed upon the shield and At the sites of their comrades they grew bold. i am open to changing that up if you guys reccomend another. What would you reccomend i do for attributes right now the base stats are might 10, Consitution 10, Dexterity 11, perception 10, intillect 11, and resolve 10, with 15 points to put. for now i put might down to 5, constitution up to 15, dexterity to 19, perception down to 8 intellect up to 15 and resolve to 15. I was going to choose deadfire archipelago to put my dextterity to 20. CAN you give a step by step guide as to what i should be doing each level and what phrases and skills i should be learning. in poe1 i went with a build for nerd commando, ones like his would be the most helpful. I look forward to your advice. The other job i am also doing is hunter background with the 1 to alchemy. What should i do for my first starter weapons it gives me 2 choices to pick from, oh and the other thing i picked godlike fire
  3. i backed the game and paid 55 dollars, 35 for the digital download and 20 for the DLC. when i activated the game on steam the only thing that came up with it was a pillars of eternity 2 pre order bonus. what was the 20 dollar dlc for ? out of interest when i go to click the find more dlc in the store on steam for the game there is 3 options for the season pass to pay 27.49 and a explorer's pack. is not the 20 dollar dlc the season pass? should i not have those dlc ?
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