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  1. I'm sorry you're not enjoying the gaming experience so far. It could very well be that this simply isn't the type of game you're ultimately looking for. CRPGs tend to have a lot of dialogue and a lot quests that don't involve combat because they're about character and story development moreso than combat. I'd recommend giving the game a break at the moment if you're not enjoying it and revisiting it in a couple of months after they've fixed the difficulty and probably released some expanded content.
  2. Playing spellcasters in PoE2 is largely about targeting the right defenses of the enemy (targeting their weakest defenses and/or debuffing them with physical characters first) and making sure you have a decent accuracy rating on them. I apologize if this sounds like I'm telling you things you already know, I'm merely throwing it out there just in case. I find a few points in Perception and choosing my spells to suit my targets helps a lot.
  3. Pointless in my opinion. World of PoE like so many game-RPG world this days so narrow and one note what playing in it as table top RPG kinda boring. Everything come from adra and Ancient Precursors . And all interesting stuff about them happens in the game. Same as Dragon Age or Tyranny worlds really. Good pen and paper RPG need more variety in its world I would argue that this is a GM problem not a game world problem. A sufficiently creative GM can take a world like Eora and tell amazing stories with it. Just because the video games focus around adra and the gods doesn't mean every campaign has to. There are still tons of cities out there that aren't explored in the game, vast expanses of territory that can be developed/explored by the group such as The White and the area east of Deadfire. Plots within plots in political circles in Old Valia or the Aedyr Empire and the list goes on.
  4. I usually suffer from this problem because I'm the kind of player that likes to fill in what is needed in a group. This usually results in me playing tanks in basically every multiplayer game out there because for some reason people don't like tanking. In this game I thought about trying a more roguish style character but now I'm honestly stuck between the bastion of good surrounded by the muck and mire (Paladin or Priest) or the rogue. Sigh.
  5. Wait, why would you want to hide a glowing cat? Nothing says "I'm more amazing than you could ever possibly comprehend" like your own spectral cat. On a serious note, just below the pet slot in your inventory is an "eye" icon, click on it and the cat will magically disappear while still providing bonuses.
  6. If you're referring to the quest I think you're referring to, you didn't steal the man's life savings you refused to return them to him after he gambled them away. He put him and his family on the street; you're simply refusing to bail him out of a problem he created, then lied about, even at the expense of another person's reputation and at the risk of exacerbating an already tense situation between two groups of people. You actually did steal from the Eothasians. *shrugs* in character I did steal from him though. As soon as he mentioned wanting me to get his gold back I was like "Suuuure I can do that for you buddy." I then guilt-tripped the woman into giving it to me and then pocketed it, never to visit the man again. That means they didn't program in a constant, recurring quest check to have Eder constantly keep checking to see if you've completed that quest or not. Which I can hardly fault them for, if they had to do that on every quest then you're looking a lot of back-tracking, back-checking and recurring checks cluttering up the game as you play it.
  7. You're not a quarter of the way there. Leveling occurs on an exponential curve and looks more like a "J' than "/" in terms of experience needed to level up. While you may be "level 5" the amount of experience it takes to get to level 5 is nowhere near a quarter of the experience it takes to reach level 20. You still have a ways to go.
  8. I most certainly tried it. I fully expected the usual hand-waving "Don't play around 'hero,' here's what you'll need to do" and the story continues. Never been happier to be proven wrong.
  9. Eder has 16 constitution and 16 might...even as a Rogue he's not super squishy. Aloth could be an okay tank.
  10. If you're going to mix in Rogue in a solo play then I'd be interested in hearing how Streetfighter works out. I haven't had a chance to test it yet but it looked like a decent solo set up.
  11. I'm far from the best player or number-cruncher around but the general advice I would give for the kind of tank you're looking to build is: Resolve should be your highest priority, Intelligence is good due to the AoE increase (auras and spells) as well as the duration increase on any debuffs or buffs you apply. Perception and Dexterity are of almost no importance at all (mechanically). Constitution wasn't that important in PoE 1 but it seems a bit more important in PoE 2. Might is helpful but not a priority. So... Resolve > Intelligence > Constitution >>> Might >>>>>>>> Dex = Perception
  12. Single classes get more abilities throughout the game. Single classes can get their base power level up to 10 before any items or other modifiers (mostly important for spellcasters but works for others too). Single classes advance their ability trees faster and can reach abilities that multi-classes can't. Multi-classes get more abilities and can use them more frequently but ultimately they're less powerful (quantity over quality). In most multi-class combinations your defenses end up slightly worse than if you were a single-class and your health ends up slightly better (usually). I'd say it's a pretty even trade, honestly.
  13. If I remember correctly the devs said that they did romances for the NPCs that the respective authors felt "right" to do. Actually I respect that. And I respect it all the more because I think they show backbone by not giving in to "popular demand". How do you think a romance with a character would turn out to be if the author of that character didn't feel it at all? And then he potentially goes and hooks up with someone who is at best an occasional consciousness in a man's body, so he was either lying to the watcher about his reasons (which is a mean thing to do to someone you respect) or he has been inconsistently written, both of which some people may see as narratively frustrating. And here is where the "agenda" kicks it. This is what the game will make you think about. If a man falls in love with a woman who happens to be in the body of a man. Does that make the first man gay? Is he supposed to like other men because he loves a woman inside a man's body? Oh boy... I need actual confirmation on this first before I continue. This is not worth it, if it's all based on speculation. I still hope it's true though! My answer to this entire discussion is "neither." The story being told here isn't about gender identity or sexual identity, it's about the very real, very tangible and very "observed" existence of a female soul who happens to be co-inhabiting the body of a male Elf. You can make it about gender identity and sexual identity and attach some kind of agenda to it if you want to but ultimately that's you reading into it what you believe is the intention. Again, a work of fiction.
  14. At the end of the day it's fiction and it's fiction you're not being coerced to participate in. If you believe the developers are insinuating an "agenda" or you're dissatisfied with the narrative or other aspects of this work of fiction then you're not being coerced to participate in it.
  15. Think of it more like "champions" in the sense of medieval tournaments. When a noble Lord/Lady was challenged, they wouldn't enter the arena and fight to the death on their own, they would bring a champion to fight for them. This champion did not have to be from their house or lands, didn't have to have any other relation to them other than that they were there to put their lives on the line for the sake of their patron Lord/Lady. In much the same way you are the "champion" of Berath. You are fighting on Berath's behalf whether or not you have any loyalty to them beyond that.
  16. Paladin with Shieldbearer gets +1 while wielding a shield, you use a spear you get another +1 and there's a skill you can take that gives you another +1 so that's four not including any additional engagements you'll get from items you're wearing.
  17. Thanks for the heads up. It should be noted that this will apply to all decisions you make at level 1, respeccing only returns you to level 1 and lets you level up from there, it does not reset your first level.
  18. It never ceases to amaze me. It doesn't surprise me or bother me in the least that Eder is not attracted to the Watcher (regardless of gender). It's easy to understand that he simply may not be attracted to your character for whatever reason. It happens all the time in both life and fiction that characters aren't always attracted to one another and attraction, interest and/or love are not always reciprocated. The same is true of any companion that isn't interested in the Watcher, why do they have to be? You can pine after whomever you want it doesn't always mean they're going to be open to a relationship.
  19. I would assume it's so that you don't have to go through that exceptionally long and tedious process every time you start a new character.
  20. If you're referring to the quest I think you're referring to, you didn't steal the man's life savings you refused to return them to him after he gambled them away. He put him and his family on the street; you're simply refusing to bail him out of a problem he created, then lied about, even at the expense of another person's reputation and at the risk of exacerbating an already tense situation between two groups of people. You actually did steal from the Eothasians.
  21. I haven't gotten too far yet but basically all of the original companions that would normally be available to rejoin you are dead, including Eder and Aloth. Several NPCs you meet in the game respond differently to you because they either knew your companion(s) before they died or didn't get the chance to know them when they otherwise would have. The conversation with Berath in the beginning is amusing if you make the right conversation choices.
  22. Interesting, I didn't even know he could die in that fight, I've never had any trouble saving most, if not all, of the people there. I respect that death is permanent. I also respect that if you tell Berath to go screw themselves in the beginning of the game the game actually ends with your character submitting to the Wheel and the credits roll.
  23. I support this notion of Dwarven companions. Be wary crossing the line between "not the stereotype" and "special snowflake." If a character is different for the sake of being different it can quickly become an absurd concept.
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