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  1. I agree with your post for the most part, I usually just ignore features I don't use or don't like because I'm certain other people do use and/or like them and it's not like it hinders my ability to play and enjoy the game. However, I wanted to quote this part because it's funny you should use that example. My Priest uses pistols because they're honestly the best weapons for him to use. He's got flail proficiency to for when he uses his holy weapon spell but otherwise he's a Priest that's packing.
  2. I use the personal inventory to stash items I dont' want to accidentally sell when I'm purging my stash.
  3. Edér is probably my favorite companion from both games, he's the kind of person you don't mind hanging out with and he's also got your back in a fight. Reminds me a lot of my RL best friend. I like Aloth mostly because I enjoy watching his awkward reactions to people and situations. Maia likely comes in next just because I respect her sense of loyalty and duty and she doesn't seem to be another person in dire need of my attention at every turn. Xoti and Serafen are tied for last for me. Xoti's absolutely crazy and she basically forces herself on you whether or not you reciprocate her advances, she's also annoying obstinate and irreverent. Serafen is the kind of person I tend to avoid: loud and vulgar with an over-inflated ego. I've pursued no romances and so cannot speak in that regard.
  4. Mages are hardly ruined. The spells you "learn" should be clutch spells, spells you want to always have available. If you find yourself using a spell a lot, that should be a spell you learn. If you have a specific type of spell/style that you're looking for, those should be the spells you learn. For example, if you're a Spellblade and you rely a lot on Illusion spells for debuffs and Enchantment spells for buffs then make those your learning priority. if you're an Evoker and you want to make things explode, make sure you take your favorite, most reliable attack spells as your learning spells. After that, you just keep your grimoires and switch through them as needed, it's really not a bad system at all.
  5. So I haven't done extensive testing yet but from some preliminary testing it appears that a Priest's disposition has absolutely no effect on any of his spells or his Holy Radiance. I've gone from 0 to max in the favored dispositions of both Eothas and Berath and there seems to be no discernable effect. There's no indication in the tooltips either. Am I missing something or is this a bug?
  6. Due to the limited choice of spells, I'd like to see the ability to "unlearn" selected spells and replace them with other spells every other level or so, specifically for the Priest whose upper-half of his spellbook negates the lower half of his spellbook. Either that or allow different tier buffs to stack to some degree (not a full stack because that would be insane) or benefit somehow.
  7. An important thing to note about why I still say Priest is the worst single-class: they have a lot of low-level spells that provide a buff that doesn't stack with a higher level spell that provides a slightly upgraded version of that same buff. Since you can't "unselect" a spell to select a different one, you're forced to choose between whether you take the low level buff or the high-level buff or waste slots taking both. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that a lot of characters can provide the same buffs to themselves through abilities. This makes a large portion of the Priest spellbook useless.
  8. So, I was doing some extensive power level testing before I knew this thread existed. Here are my findings: Martial abilities that aren't affected by Power Level are usually not affected because they scale by weapon power instead (meaning they use primary or full attacks) whereas spells are completely unaffected by the power and accuracy of your weapon, which puts them on relatively equal footing. Power Level does affect some martial abilities in the way of debuff duration, bleed effects and similar things. As far as spells are concerned, the higher level the spell, the less affected by Power Level it is. For example, a level 1 Wizard spell will usually receive a 90% bonus by power level if you're single class and have max power level whereas a level 9 Wizard spell only gets a 10% power level bonus under the same conditions, this seems to be a gradual effect. Level I - 90% Level II - 80% Level III - 70% And so on, so forth with 10% increments all the way up. Unfortunately this is not a blanket adjustment. Some spells receive less of a power level bonus (these tend to be spells with multiple targets (not AoE) and spells with no miss chance (like Minoletta's Missiles spells). Not really sure yet on what the condition is. Power Level has no effect on the power of buffs or debuffs other than duration. Power Level has no effect on the accuracy of a spell or ability. Power Level affects both damage and healing. Generally this means that if you're focusing on control, you can multi-class a little easier but if you're looking for damage then single-class is the way to go (at least for spellcasters).
  9. Overall the scores are pretty even both for multi-class vs single-class and for class distribution. There are some obvious favorites (Rogues, Monks, Wizards, Paladins and Ciphers) then there are the middle of the road classes (Barbarians, Chanters, Druids and Fighters) and the caboose classes that aren't as far behind as I expected them to be (Priests and Rangers). This actually says a lot about the state of the game and it's good.
  10. As far as I could tell, the portraits thread was for people to convert a picture into the watercolor format. I can do that part myself. What I am needing is an actual picture drawn in order to use it for the portrait. If I’ve misunderstood then I apologize and a moderator can remove this thread.
  11. Most impressive work, indeed. I'm...uh...open to other attempts.
  12. Unusual request for me but I've spent all day trying to find a suitable picture and I've failed and I have no talent at artistry with photoshop or paint.net. I would like to ask if there are any artists willing to help me put together a portrait of dimensions 210x330 (for this game) using the below picture. It's already the right dimensions. What I'm looking for is a Priest picture using that pose, the face can stay the same though I'd prefer dark red/auburn hair, the attire doesn't need to be the same at all. I'd prefer him to be wearing white and gold and look like a cloth/robe wearing Priest for fantasy (meaning something a little more ornate than simple Monk robes). If anyone is interested please let me know.
  13. Suppose it's only fair that I chime in on my own preference now. My favorite class is also the one that I currently think is the weakest in the game (how typical, right?): Single-class Priest.
  14. I have tried every class in the game but haven't done all of the multiclass combinations yet. As a result of this extensive testing, I haven't even beaten the game yet.
  15. I decided to test again and turns out it doesn't work so I will admit my mistake on that one. Now I need to figure out what was the cause of the increased accuracy and I don't think it was Xoti devotion buff. Could be the paladin aura because the bump is very small and I was walking around which resulted in the aura going on and off without me noticing. I just happen to changing weapon right at the wrong time and was overjoy to think that weapon actually matters to spell accuracy now. Thanks for the clarification but I wasn't trying to single you out for a mistake or anything, I've seen it suggested several times in several places by several people and thought maybe I was the one missing something. Sad to see I was right, actually...that accuracy boost would be nice.
  16. You could definitely revamp the skills without revamping the entire game system. I was merely stating that giving the Rogues their 'identity' back would require a revamp. The Rogue is not in a bad spot in terms of combat capability and effectiveness, they're just kind of a bland "damage dealer" only class and there's no real way to change that, even if you change the skills up a bit because ultimately you're still going to use them for the same reason - to increase damage with sneak attack. It's the only class feature the Rogue has that no one else has.
  17. First, love the avatar...I wonder how many people even catch the reference(s). Second, Kind Wayfarer?
  18. I keep seeing people suggesting that fine weapons and legendary weapons add to the accuracy of the Wizard's spells but in my testing this doesn't appear to be true. Am I missing something?
  19. So, I don't normally start topics because I usually don't have anything interesting to say or ask, I prefer to just comment and try to be helpful. (Which I hope I succeed at). However, I'm actually quite curious what everyone's favorite class or class combination is. This isn't a question about what you think is the most powerful combination or class, merely what is your favorite. It could be your favorite because of RP elements, maybe it's combat mechanics, maybe it's the archetype of character you prefer to read about or play in stories and games. Since the poll is two-parts, putting your answers in your post would be appreciated along with any blurb about why they're your favorite. Participation is appreciated.
  20. Don't restart the game. Live with the consequences. Part of being a Paladin is making tough choices and sometimes those choices don't always end the way you want them to. Cut your losses, learn from your mistakes and become a better Paladin for it. Use it as a catalyst for your character's development and let it shape the way they approach things in the future. It's not worth starting over just because you don't get a perfect outcome, sometimes the best stories are told through the mistakes our characters make.
  21. I generally choose Human nowadays because I used to choose everything but.
  22. As a fellow lover of Rogues, I'll weigh in. I think you've pointed to a symptom rather than the core of the problem. The problem, as I perceive it, is that Rogues have more-or-less no identity in Pillars of Eternity apart from damage dealers. The things that normally separate a Rogue from other classes in similar games is the utility they bring to the table outside of combat. For example, Rogues are usually identified as the ones who specialize in picking locks, disarming/dismantling traps and observing their surroundings for secret passageways and other hidden objects. In Pillars of Eternity every class can perform any or all of these functions while Rogues get no bonuses to them (other than starting skill point bonuses). Rogues are also usually the ones that play around with explosive devices (such as grenades, noise makers, flash bombs, smoke bombs, etc) and other "trinkets" (including magical ones) but Rogues don't even get the "Explosives" skill as a class skill in Pillars of Eternity, that honor goes the Fighter. I could expound further but the point is that the "identity" of the Rogue is not present in Pillars of Eternity. Instead Rogues are single-target damage dealers. The debuffs they apply are meant to increase their damage output rather than actually control or disable opponents because of the way "sneak attack" works in Pillars of Eternity. For this reason, a lot of a Rogue's kit feels like simply recycling the same couple of abilities under a different name because ultimately you're using them all for the same reason - to increase damage through sneak attack. Fixing this problem would unfortunately require a remodeling of the entire game system, not just the Rogue class, because the identity of the Rogue would need to be established as something other than "single target damage dealer" and that would require designing the class to have utility unique to itself which would simultaneously change the structure and design of other classes and the skill system.
  23. Overpen in POE2 can do up to 120% damage. My opinion for worst single-class in the game would have to be Priest, unfortunately. Level 8 and 9 Priest spells aren't that impressive, their passives aren't that impressive either and a Priest gets all of their best spells by spell level IV.
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