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  1. So it's about a character that might have died in the last game? Going to be a short DLC for some people.
  2. The game saves a special savegame before the point of no return so you can reload after you complete the game to play any DLC. They have not said much about the upcoming DLC yet, but I would not expect that any of the 3 DLC's will allow you to continue playing after the end of the game.
  3. I never replaced the starter ship, I could easily beat any other ship in the game by just staying at maximum range and alternating between fire and jibe. I only bought the other ships for the achievement.
  4. Seeing Durance again would have been great, but only if Chris Avellone had returned to write him.
  5. Free DLC? Who do you think you are Obsidian? CDProjekt Red? Pffff.... free is just another word for socialism.
  6. The map maker definitely made a mistake placing The Living Lands as the north pole. If you read the ingame book "True Stories from the Living Lands", they only state that it is a region to the far north, and that it is distinguished by "rolling hills, greenery and sun". The book describes wildlife, giant insects and lush plantlife all of which are indicative of a warm or tropical climate. Now, considering that all the regions we've seen of Eora so far are on the southern hemisphere, far north doesn't imply arctic. In fact, from reading the book I'm getting more of a feeling of African, Indian or South American plains than anything else. For those of you who have played World of Warcraft, the image described is more like Nagrand in Outland than anything remotely resembling an arctic region.
  7. The three represent very different aspects of death. Berath is the cold inevitability of death, the beyond and the wheel itself. Rymrgand is entropic death and Gaun represents the cycle of death and rebirth. So they basically each manage a crucial, but necessary part of death, Berath commands the "the beyond" where souls go when they die and the mechanical function of the wheel. Rymrgand represents the gradual degradation of souls and their eventual oblivion. Gaun/Eothas represents the reincarnation cycle, where death gives way to new life. They represent opposing forces, so they have three gods to manage it, rather than one god trying to pull in different directions simultaneously.
  8. I really enjoyed the game overall, but the game floats by on the strengths of the side content, the main quest narrative is a 10 yard dash to a disappointing ending. That's a shame, but then again I wasn't sold on the first game's narrative either and I still backed the second game.
  9. I do agree with this, mages look incredibly underwhelming in this game because of it. I hope to the gods that Obsidian will make some unique looking robes for the last DLC so all the archmages don't just look like color swapped copies of each other.
  10. As far as I can remember, there are two points in the main story where you regain parts of your soul, the second being a larger piece which grants you things like "gift from the machine" if you had it before.
  11. I played through the game as a priest of Eothas, and while there is some recognition of this, it is very limited. Eothas at one point asks why you follow him and one of the possible answers is "because I'm a priest of... you." That's the only instance I can remember of it being recognized in the main quest, other than that there is some interaction with the Readceran missionaries that is unique to a priest of Eothas.
  12. You can still see your history, click the diamond symbol at the top of the conversation window.
  13. Higher levels for the sake of just keeping the leveling going is not a good idea. The system works fine the way it is now. Personally I like hitting the level cap and still having things to do so I can have some fun with my high level abilities.
  14. You can be a devoted/monk multiclass, but you can't select fists as your weapon proficiency.
  15. Thanks Obsidian, finally got the last achievement in the game. Now we need more content... chop chop
  16. Well, you can't recruit someone who "becomes" undead. I recruited one guy who I worried might turn my crew into necrophages xD Well, undead don't need to eat flesh in this setting, they need "essence" which is souls basically. Undead start off as fampyrs (with a very few exceptions like liches and death guards) and slowly degrade mentally and physically into other forms of undead (like ghuls and revenants) if they don't get enough essence.
  17. Well, you can't recruit someone who "becomes" undead.
  18. Geez... some people, if you give them gold bricks, they complain they're too heavy...
  19. "Less than 15 hours" could be a decent length, Deadfire's "slightly more than an hour" is not.
  20. Yes, you are "The Nerevarine" in Morrowind, but unlike Skyrim it isn't a title you're saddled with within the first hour of playing. It's something you have to work for, first spending some time doing silly little research missions for Caius Cosades and then working to fullfil the criteria for being recognized as the Nerevarine. You don't even get any special powers for being the Nerevarine, it's more a title than anything else. There's an implication that anyone who fulfills the criteria could be the Nerevarine, it isn't something you're actually destined to become. Indeed at a point in the quest you end up encountering the ghosts of numerous others who tried to become the Nerevarine before you, but failed their trials at some point. It's just that you're the first one to be strong enough to overcome the challenges. This is why I love Morrowind so much, what you get you have to earn, you start out having trouble with simple bandits and the wildlife and work your way up to flying around the map and fighting gods, it feels rewarding because it takes effort.
  21. Sure... a weakling that just happens to have the soul of a dragon and the inborn ability to absorb the souls of dragons and use it to unlock "shout" powers and by virtue of this is claimed to be the most special of snowflakes by every major power figure in the country, be it the lords of cities, the wise men on the mountain or the rebel leaders (let the dragonborn kill me, it makes for a better story), and all of this, every bit of it, right from level 1. And what do you have to do to earn this? Stand by and watch as someone else kills a dragon and just happen to be nearby at time so you can absorb the soul of it. Give me a break, the dragonborn is one of the most blatant chosen ones in gaming.
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