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  1. In the conversation you have with Od Nua's spirit he makes it quite clear that it is him, and that he did it to himself deliberately to rob the rebels of their chance to put his body on display.
  2. I definitely want to see a PoE 2, but I don't think the Watcher from PoE 1 would make the best PC for a sequel. At level 16 with the end of the White March pt.2 they are incredibly powerful, it's kind of the same problem that Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal had, the player is simply so powerful that it becomes ridiculous how it tries to challenge you. I mean you fight the army of Tethyr and every single one of the soldiers carry +3 weapons and armor just to be able to challenge you. They would kind of have to "power down" the PC to do another game with him/her, and I would feel cheated if my character lost half his levels. Also, you are privy to some pretty fundamental secrets at the end of PoE, which might complicate things somewhat in a sequel.
  3. The music in this game is phenomenal. I listen to the OST all the time. I love the oldsong track to death, and the combat_c track gives me incredible Baldur's Gate nostalgia.
  4. What happened to the Engwithans isn't spelled out directly, but it is implied in the final exposition after you defeat Thaos that most of them sacrificed themselves to create the gods. Thaos' origin is fairly clear, he was an Engwithan who received the charge of spreading their new religion and making sure the secret of their creation would never be discovered. If you believe Thaos' words then does have good intentions, he certainly believes that what he is doing is for the benefit of everyone. How Woedica gives powers to Thaos isn't said directly. But what is said, by Lady Webb among others, is that Woedica "doesn't allow rules to stop her", she "cheats". Meaning that she is willing to directly interfere in mortal lives, something that the other gods have sworn not to do, instead acting through mortal agents. Eothas is likely dead judging from the comments of others, he certainly stopped communicating with his followers. But that doesn't mean he can't come back necessarily, Abydon was killed at some point by another god and managed to return by creating a new body for himself. Warning, major White March part 2 spoilers: What happened in Caed Nua is that Od Nua built the dungeon beneath the stronghold, and went mad with grief after his son died so he decided to build a massive adra statue to him. Eventually Od Nua's followers turned on him and he froze himself in adra to prevent his body from being put on display. The adra dragon at the bottom turned up later, and has been feasting on soul energy from the adra statue for ages. The fortress on the surface, Caed Nua, has had a lot of problems because of the adra dragons influence.
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