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  1. Yes, the main story is ridiculously short and not very well written. All you really do is follow Eothas and have no power to affect the outcome at the end. It almost beggars belief that the same developer that gave us Fallout: New Vegas came up with this. It seems almost like the main story is a setup for Pillars 3 and the developers couldn't have you make choices that would jeopardize their plans for the third one, so they take away choice entirely. Well, at least the rest of the game is absolutely fantastic.
  2. Oh please no, I don't want to be a "chosen one". I can't stand that power fantasy crap. I like how The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind starts out, you are weak, inexperienced and no one thinks highly of you, in fact they insult you and treat you like the n'wah you are. But still you adventure, you persevere, you get better and stronger over time and by the time people start heaping praises on you it isn't actually because you're a reincarnation of an ancient hero, it's because you worked hard and earned your power. It's so much more fulfilling when you earn your power than when it is just given to you because you're a watcher/dragonborn/fated hero whatever.
  3. Josh Sawyer tweeted that the internal speedrun record for the critical path of the game is only 1 hour and 15 minutes. Short doesn't do it justice, we're into blink and you'll miss it territory.
  4. Well, by then her original plan had failed with Thaos being dead so her last option would be to get you to do what Thaos intended to do. A good old "well you have me dead to rights, but if you let me go I'll make it worth your while".
  5. Her altar was probably dark because she didn't want to deal with you.
  6. He needed to delegitimize the growing animancy movement in the Dyrwood anyway so he just decided to kill to birds with one stone. Use their machines to steal souls, blame it on animancy and then give the souls to Woedica. Also you had the recent Saint's War where Eothas almost revealed the Engwithan secrets to the world at large which would have been a clear message to Thaos that the old system wasn't working any more and someone needed to be able to reign in the other gods when they overstepped their boundaries.
  7. Because she could be empowered by souls even if she hadn't been depowered before. Thaos just prefers Woedica to be in charge because she is willing to cheat the system for his ends.
  8. In my opinion the whole romance thing is one of the few things Dragon Age: Inquisition did right, every romanceable character has their own preferences. One man is bisexual, one is heterosexual and one is only interested in female elves. This isn't a bad thing, it's a reflection of reality.
  9. Yea, there's a mountain of retcons towards the ending of the game. It seems Obsidian didn't really know where they wanted the story to go when they created the setting and kind of stumbled their way here.
  10. Did anyone choose to empower Woedica as their decision in Pillars 1? I'm curious to know what the consequences would be in Deadfire if you did. As an interesting sidenote, Eothas mentions that Woedica's history of being the former queen of the gods who was deposed is largely a fantasy she invented for herself and that the gods were always equals with no leader among them.
  11. Did you move her into the reserve? Crew only heals while in the reserve slots.
  12. Definitely sounds like a bug. Might have something to do with your use of the console as it works fine for me.
  13. What class (and subclass) are you? And are you sure you aren't a multiclass?
  14. I take it you mean the Dark Souls series. No. This game is in no way like the souls series. Not even close. Different worlds. Mars and Venus.
  15. Same as ever other RPG, kill people and take their stuff. By the end of the game I had a fully decked out galleon, bought all the items I wanted and another 350k in the bank. Don't worry so much about it early on.
  16. The main story quest is incredibly short, to the point where Obsidian's internal speedrun record is 1 hour and 15 minutes. But the rest of the game is huuuge. My first playthrough took roughly 60 hours to complete.
  17. I kind of wish I could have given the skull over to Arkemyr or the temple of Berath and told them to make sure Concelhaut stays dead this time, but I guess I'll settle for old Con's bitter sniping for now.
  18. Go to the gullet and enter the narrows, take a right and keep going forward until you get to the merchant's stall. The entrance is hidden there.
  19. Having played around with the sidekicks a bit, I have to say I wish they would have just scrapped the sidekicks and put the resources towards making one full companion instead. Things being what they are, I don't see myself ever using them in place of a full companion or a character I create myself.
  20. I found one, but I don't remember where I found it. Pretty sure I looted it off a pirate. It might have been at Fort Deadlight or in Dunnage.
  21. Casters are definitely not underpowered. Aloth currently leads my party in most enemies defeated, most damage done, highest single target damage, most crits and most hits.
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