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  1. The problem with D&D's prestige classes was that they were by and large outright better in every respect than the base 20 level classes. Which lead to you getting these ridiculous munchkin builds composed of a huge variety of prestige classes to build the most insanely overpowered characters you could get. I remember seeing one guy playing a character composed of no less than nine different classes at level 15 (2 base classes and 7 prestige classes), all to take advantage of some broken combinations that were never intended to work together but nonetheless did because in late 3.5 edition there were literally hundreds of classes to choose from and accounting for all the combinations would be impossible. That's the main reason why D&D's prestige classes were so reviled, although I'm not against the system in general. Prestige classes simply shouldn't be outright better than base classes, instead they should be "prestigious" and be focused on specific concepts that don't really fit base classes. Good prestige classes in my opinion are the Arcane Archer or Mystic Theurge.
  2. I don't know what's going on, but the pre-load data is 16GB. You may have to wait until 19:00 (assuming you are in CET) before you can play. Where did you even get a physical copy?
  3. No, it's the same time for everyone, it unlocks globally at 10 am PDT. What time that is for you depends on where in europe you are. For GMT (Great Britain and Portugal) that is 18:00 For CET that is 19:00. For EET (most countries east of Poland) that is 20:00 Look it up on wikipedia if you don't know what timezone your country is in.
  4. I think you need to recalculate when it comes out for you son, release is still over six hours away. It comes out 10 am pacific daylight time.
  5. 1. I do believe so yes, for me at least I have multiple endgame saves (one for each character). 2. No, imported saves are final and choices can't be changed.
  6. They haven't set an official deadline, but I wouldn't expect it to last long since it's only two months until the first DLC comes out.
  7. From what I can tell from the limited streams I've seen, you need skill points in Arcana (which any class can get) to use scrolls, higher level scrolls require more skill points. So yes, I do believe you can use arcane scrolls as a chanter without having to multiclass as a wizard.
  8. Does anyone actually read these "professional" game reviews any more? Speaking for myself, I haven't taken these paid shills seriously for years, I look at user reviews and nothing else.
  9. Frozen crown is nothing to scoff at, I know, I got "The Ultimate" myself. People come at the game with very different expectations and skills. Speaking for myself I have to say getting the "The Ultimate" was one of the least enjoyable gameplay experiences I've gone through. You may very well be excellent at the game, some will find Path of the Damned too easy, many will find it too hard. You just have to accept that you will never get a game that is perfectly tuned for you, but with the Blessings of Berath options you have the choice to make the game harder. I won't do that, I'm into this game for the worldbuilding and the story. Both preferences are ok. So please calm down and maybe wait until the game is out to say whether or not it's too easy.
  10. Couldn't you have posted this in the one day left thread that is already open?
  11. No. No no no no. Nope, not happening. Don't even think about it. Not in this game. Just no. No.
  12. D&D IP doesn't apply since neither of those weapons originated in D&D originally. Vorpal sword comes from a poem by Lewis Carrol called "Jabberwocky", holy avenger is just a generic term D&D uses to describe a paladin weapon that is more powerful against evil creatures. But... I also hope neither of those makes it into Pillars, vorpal because it's a save-or-die effect which is boring, and holy avenger because paladins aren't explicitly religious like they are in D&D. Although you could argue that St. Ydwen's Redeemer from White March Part 1 is kind of a holy avenger, except that it slays vessels rather than evil creatures.
  13. If you need more characters to hold down melee you could pick a bear as the hunter pet, they can withstand a fair bit of punishment while the ranger rains down death from range.
  14. What's the deal with RPG Codex? I've seen the name tossed around here before, they don't seem to be particularly popular. Why is that?
  15. Doppel, don't worry. It's not as bad as it sounds. Through the magic of data compression you don't have to download exactly what it ends up taking up on your drive. I've heard the number 35GB tossed around and to me that sounds reasonable if the final product ends up being 45GB.
  16. Yes, you will have the option to generate a save state to use for Pillars 2 if you don't have a savegame to import.
  17. Based on what little information is available I have to say I'm excited to see these DLC's. Beast of Winter almost certainly deals with Rymrgand, which is very interesting because I think the gods in PoE are great and I'd love to know more about ol' Rym. However I'm a sucker for high level spell casters so "The Forgotten Sanctum" sounds absolutely perfect, and it comes out in November which nicely lines up with my birthday on the 19th. Now I can claim it was all part of the plan when I bought the season pass a year and a half in advance.
  18. I will be importing my priest of Eothas playthrough from PoE1. He hasn't lost faith in Eothas after Caed Nua, but he definitely has some questions for him, you can bet on that. I will 100% pick up Eder (reprising his role as the tank), Pallegina (going fighter/paladin) and Aloth (going pure wizard) since they were all with him at the end of PoE1, as for the last slot I'm currently leaning towards Tekehu (going pure druid because I don't like chanters).
  19. Comedian Bill Burr (from Breaking Bad among other things) pretty much has the same opinion on pot as I do. It's worth a listen I think, the guy is funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHMC5Na6Uu0
  20. I'm in it for the story, the interesting characters and the world building. I'm holding out hope that Deadfire will be to Pillars of Eternity, what Shadows of Amn was to Baldur's Gate. A game that improves on it's predecessor in every way possible. What I don't want is more of the endless fights with trash mobs from PoE, some trash is ok, but I much prefer more complex fights with more interesting opponents. The fight with Concelhaut and Llengrath for example is unique and interesting, carving through a legion of Burned Bannermen mooks or Llengrath's followers is not.
  21. I sure hope I can find the White Crest Armor again, same for St. Ydwen's Redeemer. Those two together just makes for a great paladin set.
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