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  1. Skill/Ability numbers are showing whenever conversation or any other window opens and they should no longer be there. You can see the three "1"s to the right of Level 10 that should not be there. Below the bottom center of the Skill window. output_log.txt Version - ( Win10 x64 Nvidia GTX 970 16GB RAM
  2. As long as the movement isn't too crazy in first-person I do not mind it. It is when FOV is limited along with every action you do making the screen bob or shake can also cause motion sickness (Skyrim). From the look of the released footage it doesnt seem too bad. I would love to see third-person option but it is not going to change my mind on whether or not I purchase this game.
  3. While I was going through the backer portal I noticed I can still add the Season Pass through the backer portal for 20$ and save some money. I imagine this isn't going to be up forever, does anyone know how long it will be accessible?
  4. Hm, can't seem to get this working. Pillars 1 is on "D:" and Pillars 2 is on drive "E:" while all the save files for both games are in "C:\Users\xxx\Saved Games\" but PoE2 cannot find anything.
  5. I am unable to import old save games.. I have PoE1 on a different hard drive. Where are the save files and where do I need to have them for them to be recognized. I assumed they would just be in Documents or something similar.
  6. I waited for PoE1, both WM expansions before I really got into the game. I played a few hours to check the game out and test a handful of characters. Will most likely do the same for Deadfire, you are not alone there.
  7. I'm currently downloading because I thought I'd need the save file but looking through PoE2 it doesn't look like there is any other way besides manually inputting information. I'll check back later hopefully with more info.
  8. Is there even a way to import? I don't see an option anywhere. I was confused myself wondering why they didn't have that feature when PoE1 History is so important... maybe I'm just blind.
  9. Well hopefully they will put out an update before they pull it. It's still up as of right now but agree it'll most likely get pulled sometime soon. I wasnt even aware the Season Pass was available through the backer page for 20$ so maybe at least other backers will learn and buy it from there before it gets pulled.
  10. PoE launched buggy but in the end made huge leaps in getting it up to snuff. PoE2 has had extra time to do that. I do not understand why C.A. is getting so much attention over something that seems pretty normal as far as businesses go. Yes it is not very pleasant but he has further said his anger was not towards the devs Obsidian but upper management.
  11. Since release is almost here and I was reading over the Season Pass I noticed it is available as an addon on the backer site. My question being, how long will this be available to us before it's not available through backer portal anymore? I'd like to get it for the backer discounted 20$ if possible.
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