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  1. Hobbled, Immobilized and Paralyzed are dexterity afflictions. Use abilities that inflict one of these, like Hobbling Shot or Binding Roots for example.
  2. It's very likely that Fassina will have some choice words for her old mentor, but I wouldn't expect her to have a big role to play. She is an optional sidekick after all.
  3. If you're roleplaying your Bleak Walker as written then the choice is obvious. Kill Llengrath in the most gruesome way possible. She sent assassins after you, by the Bleak Walker creed you are supposed to make an example of her that is so extreme that no one else would dare do the same again.
  4. I goes away on it's own over time. But it takes a really long time, and you can't sleep or wait until it goes away. I suppose you could try leaving the game on over night or something.
  5. Why would that be guaranteed? What if you envision a character that is simply a priest or wizard? I had no problem roleplaying my single class priest.
  6. I should warn you though, that if you don't recruit him and complete the DLC, it appears you can't recruit him afterwards.
  7. As far as location goes I would love to see the Aedyr Empire. But I sincerely hope they give us a new main character instead of reusing the watcher every time. You can only do the "reset-to-level-1" thing so many times before it gets annoying. Plus, some fresh new companions could be nice. Alternatively they could have us play a reincarnation of the watcher a century or more after the events of Deadfire. It would also be great if they crafted a storyline that wasn't all about the gods and reincarnation like the last two.
  8. Personally I like that I can cap the party a bit before the end and actually get to have some fun with my high level abilities. I say they should keep the xp where it is now, I remember there being very little left to do after I capped my party and being disappointed in that. Then I played through BoW with a maxed out party and had tons of fun with it.
  9. The soul allies don't seem to help you in the fight with the dragon at all, what they seem to do is debuff the dragon. I played through the DLC twice, the first time without allies the dragon had an absurd armor rating of 18, the second time I had two allies and the dragon was down to an armor rating of 13.
  10. There has been talk of fixing it yes, but I was under the impression that it had been fixed. It seems I was mistaken.
  11. Alrighty then. So you solved it by accident too. I still have no idea how it's supposed to be done. Great puzzle design Obsidian!
  12. I think he's talking about the indoors area where you meet the king, not the outdoors one where you get the scepter from the statue. As I said, I managed to get to it but I have no idea how I did it.
  13. I don't know how I did it, but after I talked to the king I left the the area through the right portal and then went back to the palace by walking through the area again and the water was gone. I don't know what I did to remove the water, but it was gone.
  14. There is (or was) an issue where you can't get the free DLC if you aren't the owner of the game. Meaning if you have the game through Family Sharing on Steam, then you don't have access to the free DLC. I assume that is what Hades meant by his line "The person who has the game alrdy has them installed so its on their account as well." If that isn't the case then it's easy to solve on steam, click the download button on the store page which will then start the game. Then just shut the game down and the DLC should have appeared in the DLC list for the game library on your account. Just find the DLC in the list and uncheck/check the checkmark next to it and it should start downloading. But like I said, you can't get it if you have the game through Family Sharing, only the person who actually owns the game can.
  15. It's not that long. I played through it in one session, took about 4 to 5 hours and I don't feel as though I rushed through it.
  16. They locked your thread? After you asked so nicely? Inconceivable!
  17. They said they wouldn't do steam achievements for the gnarliest achievements (like triple crown solo), so as to not give the achievement hunters an aneurysm.
  18. You know, if you'd bothered to go to the steam store page for Beast of Winter it would have a very handy counter saying: "This game will unlock in approximately X hours". So please don't whine, no one likes a whiner.
  19. We've been through frontier areas in two games now. After this I'd love to see somewhere a little more "settled", the Aedyr Empire would be my choice.
  20. The procedural generation dungeons from Diablo 3 work great for an endless hack and slash game like Diablo or Path of Exile. It has nothing to do with a true RPG like Pillars of Eternity. If that's what you want, then you want a different game, not Pillars of Eternity. I do not support this idea in any way.
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