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  1. What interests me is what happens Will you then continue to be a priest of Eothas, or get a new and possible otherwise unobtainable priest subclass.
  2. I'd love to see what people from Aedyr are like. Just an fyi, we have seen people from the White That Wends, the pale elves in the Noonfrost in Twin Elms were from the White That Wends.
  3. Different climates is certainly a possibility. According to JE Sawyer the Deadfire Archipelago is massive, stretching from the island of Naasitaq near the White that Wends (South Pole) all the way to the equator. Although all the concepts shown thus far have been of tropical regions so they're probably focusing on the areas closer to the equator.
  4. I love the look of the game, keep the current engine. But maybe tweak some of the mechanics a bit. I get that they want to make sure that none of the stats are useless, but it doesn't work quite right from a role playing perspective. Seriously, might affects the spell damage of my wizard, but it is also used as strength in conversations and scripted encounters. So my bookworm wizard who thinks physical effort is vulgar is somehow strong enough to knock down trees with his bare hands.
  5. I had no problem with Llengrath, killed her on my first try. Concelhaut is the hardest fight in the game for me, provided you don't cheese the encounter by pulling out a few creatures at a time.
  6. I don't know what kind of mental gymnastics you have to do to arrive at this conclusion from what I said, but your definition of role playing is clearly so narrow I have no interest in continuing this discussion. There is clearly no game that could live up to your standards.
  7. You seem to have a "if I don't get my way it isn't good" mentality. But you need to remember that this is a computer game, absolute freedom isn't possible. The medium imposes limitations. This is once case where you just have to make a choice. Of course you could say that Llengrath being a powerful archmage knows exactly what you are up to and knocks you out with magic after doing the deal, thus the blackout. How does it happen? I believe you will find this enlightening: https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2009/11/02
  8. Again, you want it both ways. If you want the challenge there is nothing stopping you from doing the fight apart from yourself. And your definition of roleplaying is completely out of whack and clearly stems from your desire to have your cake and eat it too. Role playing is about "playing a role", the freedom to create your own character and control their view of and interaction with the game world. The fact that Llengrath leaves after doing the deal has no impact on whether or not the game is a role playing game, that has to do with game mechanics, you clearly don't have a problem with Llengrath appearing out of nowhere when you enter the area because it means you get to fight her. If your narrow definition of role playing was applied then there would be no role playing games around.
  9. Unless you're talking about the console Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance series, then no they did not have replenishing health and abilities. Everything was recovered by resting in BG1 + 2.
  10. The issue seems to be that you want it both ways. You want the fight to give you the best reward, but in this case it's the peaceful solution that does that (assuming you prefer the stat bonus to the extra dragon scales). But PoE is a role playing game, not an action adventure game. I say it's a good thing that the peaceful solution sometimes gives you a better reward than fighting, because it's in the spirit of a roleplayer to choose the action that best suits the role he wants to play rather than simply meta gaming it and always going for the choice that gives the best reward. If you want to do the fight, that's fine, role playing games are all about freedom of choice after all, but you also have to be willing to accept that it won't always give the best reward. If you don't like that then there are plenty of games that offer you what you want, try Dragon Age: Inquisition or Diablo 3 for example.
  11. Sounds like you want a game that is nothing like Pillars of Eternity, Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale. Maybe you should give Dragon Age: Inquisition or Diablo 3 a try? I for one would prefer to keep the vancian system with added per encounter abilities. PoE being like the cRPG's I grew up with is kind of the selling point of PoE. There are already plenty of bland modern "RPGs" out there, we really don't need to turn PoE into another one.
  12. I let them go during my playthrough, not sure about the morality of it though. They were basically a bunch of former zealots who when completely lucid agreed to have their memories taken from them bit by bit until it drives them to insanity, the only problem is they can't remember my they agreed to do it to begin with. Kind of a tortured existence, it may have been kinder to let them drown like they expected to to begin with. There was no mention of them in the ending slides.
  13. Yes, multiple options in a role-playing game is bad... Seriously guy, having options is what role playing games is all about. I'm quite pleased that there is a way to reason with Llengrath. And you don't get the same reward if you resolve it peacefully as if you do the fight. The peaceful solution gets you a unique bonus that can't be earned any other way, and two bog dragon scales. Doing the fight gets you four bog dragon scales and Llengrath's grimoire which contains unique spells that cannot be earned any other way. Whatever you choose you gain something and loose something. And I for one like it when we have a choice, and that choice is a REAL choice. And your assertion that 17 intelligence is pointless is just plain wrong, my wizard has 18 intelligence boosted to 20 with items, so his spells have wide radius and long duration, which is very useful for a debuff wizard like mine.
  14. Nothing is forcing you isn't really an argument. Nothing is forcing me to play the game to begin with, but I do it anyway to have fun. And the fact of the matter is I had more fun with my spellcasters when they had the old system than I do with the new.
  15. You have to have completed White March pt.1 first, including the Crägholdt part. Then for me it was simply starting White March pt. 2, then doing the Iron Flail fort and returning to Stalwart. Then there should be a scene near the west entrance that starts the quest sending you to Mowrghek Ien.
  16. I have to say I prefer the way it used to be. Before I actually ended up using spells, but the way it is now I just find myself "saving" my spells for tougher fights all the time without ever using anything unless it's a really tough fight, meaning my casters only use their ranged weapons instead of contributing with their unique talents. Did we really need to gimp casters so they wouldn't kill trash mobs too fast?
  17. Doesn't it say negative infinity damage taken? What is that, no damage taken or infinite heals?
  18. Hmm, my first playthrough when it first came out was a male human paladin (goldpact knight) with the mercenary background. My second playthrough after the release of the White March pt.1 was with a female elf cipher with the aristocrat background. All in all I have to say I enjoyed the cipher more, probably because I knew the game mechanics much better and didn't struggle through most of the game.
  19. By the way, does anyone know what armor Llengrath is wearing? Anyone know what the item id code is? It's such a unique looking piece that I would love to get my hands on it, strange that it doesn't drop when you kill her. Also, I believe she is a nature godlike, but she has a very nice head model with those long horns that isn't available to the player. Why must you tease me so Obsidian?
  20. I thought this was a cool fight too, but I didn't like that the "big name" factor of Llengrath was overshadowed by the two dragons. I would have preferred that she be the focus of the encounter like it was with Concelhaut. Anyway, when I did this fight I figured the dragons would be the true threat, so I knocked off Llengrath first so she couldn't burn my party with spells, then everything but the dragons, then the dragons one at a time. Wasn't particularly hard, beat it on my first try with a L16 party. I found the alpine dragon to be a bit more challenging than this fight.
  21. I haven't played PX2 yet, but if I had to take a wild guess You are incorrect, if I remember correctly I got it on the roof of Durgan's Battery.
  22. I though White March was excellent, but I definitely prefer part 2 to part 1 because of the emphasis on story. I particularly enjoyed the insight into the story and nature of Ondra and Abydon, two deities I found incredibly bland before this.
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