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  1. Hi there Watchers and Developers. I'm gonna keep this short. Is there any information for going longer with this game? Anyone know anything about some plans for continuing the story in any way after WM II? Can't find any info about that anywhere so I'm just asking. I would love to get more from Obsidian. Thanks for the replies. Matthew
  2. Hello. Alright Im back on the subject, thanks for the invite here by the way Aarik. I just uninstaled all the c++ 's. Just curious, is there any way to get rid off any files that were maybe left after uninstaling the redidtributables? Im asking because I want to be sure and start playing again : ) I resterted Windows and used Ashampoo WinOptimizer to clear anything but is it enough?
  3. Hey! Got this problem with capes again. Done every single thing You mentioned above with no results. win 7 64bit, got game with White March 1 addon - v2.03.0788.PX1 from GoG.com. I have reinstaled the visual C++ three times now and PhysX two times, still the capes dont move and stick out just like on pictures at start of the thread.
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