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  1. So I solved it. For anyone who may have this issue: I needed Update 4 to Visual C++ 2012 redist here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/confirmation.aspx?id=3067
  2. @Nicholas Steel: I tried that thing, against my better judgment, and it just infected my computer with some adware. 8.1 has DirectX integrated, so it should not be an issue. @Hawksoft: I would much prefer no cloaks to the disaster I see now. I'm desperate, Obsidian, can you help me?
  3. Description: Cloaks, when put on, float in the air above the character model, and are unaffected by physics. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Happens every time I try to put on a cloak. This is a new installation of the game on a fresh installation of Windows 8.1. Game version is from GoG, latest (2.03). I installed all the pending updates for Windows, reinstalled the Visual C++ redist, and nVidia Physx. Nothing changed. I included the DxDiag file, the rest (save, output log, screenshot) are either too big to upload here or I don't have permission. Please let me know if you need them, I'll need to make a Dropbox account. DxDiag.txt
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