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  1. I've been enjoying my first play-through through PoE II but I've just realized (after a number of hours) that my main character is slightly bugged. I decided to choose a Devoted Fighter but didn't comprehend the fact that I'd only be able to choose one weapon proficiency for the rest of the game. I ended up choosing a shield as my proficiency, hoping to go back at a later level and choose a weapon that I could use, but have only recently realized that I won't be getting that chance. My main character is now essentially playing with all of the disadvantages of the Devoted subclass, but none of the advantages since the Shield obviously doesn't get the weapon advantages from the class. I could start using unarmed attacks (since they count towards the Devoted proficiency bonus) but that's not really my play style and I'd prefer to use an actual weapon. I understand wanting to make class picks to be permanent but I wish there was a way for me to re-pick my devoted proficiency or possibly even choose a new sub-class through an ingame retraining system. I don't really want to restart now (after putting many hours in) just to change my character's proficiency so, unless I'm missing something, I'm basically stuck with my nerfed character. Any ideas on how to circumvent this?
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