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  1. Isn't the final challenge just "all the challenges at once"? Technically that challenge has already been released, it just requires you to... select all the challenges at once
  2. Turn-based mode won't be in until the full patch, which is out tomorrow
  3. After travelling with you for a month he becomes fluent and has a conversation tree. Some of his comments in the DLCs shed a little more light on how exactly he ended up in the ocean
  4. Yeah, the idea of someone being erased from the player character's memory is wonderfully creepy. I loved that line too, as well as Fyonlecg mentioning that his name used to be be appended to various spells you use in the game that all are attributed to nobody
  5. Regarding the OP: the game is not quite content complete yet. https://www.pcgamesn.com/pillars-of-eternity-2/pillars-of-eternity-2-turn-based
  6. It's clearly a screw-up, it makes no sense to have an article up at 9 a.m. EST when the developers themselves start the day at 9 a.m. PST. I'm sure obsidian will be making an announcement when they wake up
  7. The Godseed, it's a quest you get from either Tayn or Llengrath if you resolve both the "free or kill the prisoners" and the "original Llengrath" quests in one's favour. There are two parts of the Godseed in the bowel and one in the final boss room, I don't know if they spawn without getting that quest
  8. The text is perfectly legible at lower resolutions, I played the whole game beginning to end at 720p with no real problems. You might just need to get used to it
  9. There's the books, at least. I'm not sure where you can find them except at Sanza's store- maybe they turn up as loot?
  10. Hearing about how lighthearted Divinity OS is is probably the main reason I've yet to bother with it. I'm glad Pillars 1 was around to give me a nice dry grim setting, lol
  11. I think it's just fun to imagine if in-game stuff was actually happening. Like in Pillars 1 one unlock condition for the Company Captain's Cap was to have 20 resolve. So I had to eat some dragon meat and sleep with a prostitute called Big Durmsey, in order to level up my hat
  12. The best damage type for this boss is shock, so Essence Interrupter and Lord Darryn's Voulge are good weapons to use. That chant that summons skeletons can help to distract it, and Rekvu's Scorched Cloak to mitigate the fire damage. I haven't beaten the boss yet myself, so take all that with a pinch of salt
  13. Because the game bombed and they don't have the resources to fix all the bugs, much less patch in free voice acting
  14. Well, here's the good news: the added subclasses are at the bottom of the list in every case. The original subclasses are in alphabetical order. So when creating a character, simply avoid the bottom option in each case to preserve the narrative.
  15. Certainly can't hurt to give feedback. If they find themselves with a few extra voice acting bucks lying around, who knows, right?
  16. I deleted the entire ExperienceTable object and loaded up the same area. Container now unlocks beautifully and the trap gives xp. Wonderful! So just so I understand: the engine supports level progression past 20 and "MaxCharacterLevel" is just setting where that progression ends? After deleting the experiencetable my level 22 character is still 22 so it looks that way. Are other aspects of levelling the same? Would a character still gain a power level every 3 levels and proficiency every however many levels with no change except to MaxCharacterLevel?
  17. The subclasses were added post-release in a free patch, so it's probably not realistic that they'd have reactivity specifically for them. Though there was at least one Steel Garotte line somewhere in the game that may be activated by the class
  18. output_log.txtThank you BMac! Code is all Greek to me, but the output log does show six instances of "IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range." which would match the five times I tried to lockpick a container and one time I disarmed a trap (output log attached) May be worth noting: I have a bunch of mods active but the person who told me about this issue originally said my mod which caused the issue was the only one they had
  19. The ships you fight all have little explosives in the hold that go off when the captain dies
  20. I expect Adler was misinformed or something got cut, and the only change will be the new interface. If Sawyer was actually working on ship combat he presumably would have mentioned that at some point instead of repeatedly saying he isn't working on anything specific at the moment whenever anyone asks for months now
  21. I don't much care about sequels, but if it had sold better they might have put more resources into the DLCs and patches. They might even have done a "director's cut" which addressed some issues with the story, maybe expanded some areas and dialogue. As it is, they patched in an impressive amount of new stuff and I have no complaints about the DLCs, but there are bugs that won't be fixed because they can't justify still working on a game past a certain point, due to sales.
  22. I made a mod to increase the level cap. Two versions, both at this page: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/266 From testing the "getting xp past level 20" part seems to be working, but there are some issues that I was hoping I could get some help with. One user said they were unable to unlock containers and doors they met the Mechanics score for in Forgotten Sanctum, and I've observed this myself as well- the combat log says "unlocked" as normal but it doesn't actually unlock. You can try unlocking it again, and it just says "unlocked" again, over and over. I've also obser
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