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  1. You hit the level cap way before the end of the game, so it's good to swap characters so you still get that trickle of xp. Took me all 3 DLC to fully level everyone. You could also swap party members frequently, so nobody is benched long enough to fall far behind
  2. You could make the Aliens argument for Deadfire too; after the revelation that the gods aren't true gods it's appropriate for us to see them in the cold light of day and demystify them a bit
  3. Something about the size of Breith Eaman/Sun In Shadow would have been cool, maybe with some souls around to drop a little backstory on you. I definitely think they could have paid off the faction quests more. And I really wish the end conversation with Eothas was reactive, like the conversation with the Eyeless at the end of White March.
  4. It's the trickle of experience, yeah. I felt it with Fallout 3 because the kaching was the most rewarding thing in that game. I never much cared in this game or Pillars 1, but then I play in weird ways like saving the Endless Paths and bounties for after White March so I can level my soulbounds up all the way, so I might level at a different pace. But I went through all 3 Deadfire DLC at level 20 with no real issues
  5. My guess is that when the other gods cast down Woedica they did so in such a way that her body was destroyed, so later when the gods all decided to abandon their bodies she had already been forced to. The timeline of Woedica being cast down before the fallen moon is also a guess
  6. I'm probably going to have a go at those. Always irked me that you get unique items with no reason to wear them other than cosmetic. After they made it so even the pets give you bonuses!
  7. It makes sense for Pallegina to be in Deadfire either way, since presumably without your presence she just did her duty like normal and stayed with the ducs. Eder and Aloth shouldn't be there though
  8. I presume if having the ability to switch at will between tb and rtwp was easy or something they could realistically implement in the next month, they wouldn't have made sure to stress right from the start that it's new game only
  9. One issue I'm having with TB mode is that it can sometimes be uncertain whether moving closer to an enemy will allow me to attack them right away. For example, if my character has an arquebus and can move 10.2. and the enemy is arquebus range+10.3m away then moving closer still won't get me in range, but I don't know that until I try it. There's a little tooltip above the enemy's head which shows chance to hit and pen Vs AR. I wonder if it would be possible to also have that tooltip show the enemy's distance from the selected character?
  10. Ohh that makes sense. The description text for modded items always says "Arbalest" which is the first string in the items stringtable
  11. Presumably that bug is why there's the new "tactical override" line. Now to fill that in I just need to remember what all my items do!
  12. I'm probably going to just upload this as-is, since I just like having party members available as crew even if it isn't 100% immersively integrated, but I'd like to have one more go at ironing out the issues. Mainly, does anyone know if it's possible to remove crew members from the inventory in any way other than them dying during ship combat? I have a save where I sacrificed Ydwin to the Beast Of Winter, which caused the game to say "Ydwin is dead!" however she still appears on my crew. I tried setting a visibility conditional of "IsCompanionInRoster" for Ydwin, I tried "IsGlobalValue ["b_ydw
  13. Thaos believes that the point of the gods is to give people something to believe in. He's worried that if people find out the gods are fake the follow-up realisation that there are no gods will make them despair- as it did him. The Engwithans were largely wiped out by the creation of the gods- look how many souls it took Thaos just to give Woedica a boost, what would it take to create eleven of them from scratch? The game is ambiguous but what I believe Ondra tried to destroy was the ruins of an Engwithan city- she was trying to erase the memory of them. I also, and this is a lot more
  14. It is annoying. I wonder if the ship has sailed on them being able to make those hazard areas (they're in Beast Of Winter too) not put you in "combat"
  15. I figure she was some super-powerful Watcher variant. I love all the post-fight barks for her. "She attacked us first, you all saw right?"
  16. Right, so you start the game in the other mode--the non turn-based mode. Problem solved. It's a real brain teaser why people construe it as an either-or situation, because it isn't. There's nothing to push you away, because you can still play it in the traditional manner. Turn-based is 100% optional. Except for that @AeonsLegend is talking about a future Pillars 3, so the point of your post? Turn-based is basically set up as a reinterpretation of the real-time rules; it'd probably be more effort to cut out real-time entirely than to offer both modes in a future game
  17. lol, but I think they shouldn't have that as a challenge mode unless someone on the team has managed to beat the game with it. I suspect it's literally impossible
  18. The point being, that's a ton of games nowadays. Both Divinity OS games got relaunched, Wasteland 2, AAA single player games get stuff added to them after launch all the time- God Of War got a new game+ mode after a several months. If you include bugfixing then PC games have been released unfinished since the 90s. Why would you ever buy a game at launch
  19. They didn't "use us as guinea pigs" they released on PC first. It's like saying they're screwing over launch day buyers by continuing to sell the game on steam after improving it. As for sales, you might want to look at how console ports of isometric crpgs usually do
  20. He's special to Ondra because she created him specially, because she's a god and she wanted to. The gods in general don't really care about their godlikes. All godlikes are liked in Deadfire (except Skaen and probably Rymrgand) but ocean godlikes are special to the Huana because of their relationship to the ocean. It isn't random. For the existence of an ocean godlike to be a plot hole, it would have to contradict something else in the story or make other events in the story impossible by its presence, neither of which is the case.
  21. I don't see why they would have been planning any features that would have been exclusive to the real time mode, since they don't have any features that are exclusive to the turn-based mode
  22. You know how recipes have a line to add an itemmod and a line to remove one? Would it be possible to have something similar with this? RemoveAbilitiesFromProgressionTable or something? Or maybe make them invisible rather than removing them? If that could be done then in addition to adding abilities to progression tables we could also replace abilities, which would be very exciting
  23. Some kind of Watcher, considering her ability to manifest spirits. The Hand Occult is interested in Watchers in general. There's a note about her somewhere which goes into more detail iirc
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