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  1. Replied in PM, and you said you were able to get it from there. Just following up here to be thorough, you were missing { "GameDataObjects": [ and possibly some other formatting. Glad you were able to figure it out!
  2. Hello, While it's very minor it always bothered me that there are a bunch of recipes that require sugar and even a dialogue/quest hook that asks for it, yet the Deadfire seems to have an extreme shortage of it. Maybe it all went into the rum? So, I decided to make a mod to fix that. I made this mod for myself, but thought I would share it with others who might have that little nag in the back of their mind every time they see the grayed out recipes in the crafting menu. You can find it on the Nexus here: Deadfire Sugar Trade The mod simply adds sugar (in small amounts)
  3. I've created a working mod that meets the goals I set out to meet. Granted it's nothing fancy, but fills a hole that always annoyed me (and I suspect others). Just wanted to follow up and thank BMac and house2fly for their advice! Deadfire Sugar Trade (nexus page) The mod adds sugar to the Deadfire Merchant ships on the world map. It is available as an item for purchase in the merchant shop, drops as loot when sinking a merchant ship, or when boarding and killing the captain of a merchant ship.
  4. Thanks for sharing your mod, and for being so diligent in keeping it up to date!
  5. I got it working, at least for my basic goal. Sugar appears as an inventory item on the Deadfire Merchants. It doesn't appear to load as loot when one is sunk, but I've only tested with a small sample size. The number you provided, BMac, was the one that worked. I was pulling the ID from the wrong place. Thanks!
  6. Well, as I mentioned I had a different number come up for the Generic Merchant (I could have been using the wrong one), but I've tried the ID you posted and it doesn't work either. Works fine when set to a merchant like the fishmonger in Port Maje though. :/
  7. I've been crackin away at it, I managed to get a working mod adding it to the Port Maje Fishmonger, but it wasn't working for the Deadfire Merchants. The ID that you've pasted here is different than the one I identified and was trying to use, so that may have been the problem.. going to give that a look. THANK YOU.
  8. What are these lines? Where are the values found/generated? "GameDataObjects": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.ModScriptHookGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "Metalworks_ItemAdd", "ID": "417f4f5e-7d01-4cd6-aa9d-1f0b1d0b4be2", "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.ModScriptHookComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "RunOnlyOnce": "false", "SucceedOnlyOnce": "true", "Script": {
  9. As a preface, I have no experience modding Pillars. I've seen the tutorial stuff, but I was hoping someone could help me determine the correct things to look at and I will muddle out the 'how to make' myself, hopefully. If someone wanted to make this mod for me, I certainly wouldn't refuse - I feel like it's probably pretty simple. I'd still like to have an idea of what went into it regardless. Goal: I want to add an existing item in the game to the Deadfire Merchant store, as well as the lootlist for when they are sunk/killed. Example, adding sugar as an item that is always in the sto
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