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  1. The explanation is that godlikes represent aspects of their god, and Ondra's aspects include the moon and the ocean. The explanation is also that the game takes place on the sea so Obsidian wanted a more sea-themed godlike.
  2. Well, there are more godlikes than what we see just like there are more than 11 types of people in the world. The character creation system can never really be representative of the whole setting. The godlike are little reservoirs of essence that the gods can draw from in times of need. This may explain the lack of some of them- Eothas is too nice to do that, Abydon too probably, Woedica wouldn't be allowed(or she, as well as Abydon and Eothas, may have used their supply to stay alive already). Skaen godlikes are killed at birth, I believe Rymrgand ones usually are too. It makes sense you
  3. For context, I raised the level cap and did a playthrough of the game+DLC, and right before the game's final encounter I hit level 27. So yeah, if you don't want to hit the cap that xp reducer is def the way to go
  4. Oops- remember kids, copy link ADDRESS not copy link TEXT. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ihmv3zidw5himl/PoE2%20Custom%20Portraits.zip This one looks the same lol, but it'll take you to the right file this time
  5. First of all, check the Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/ Bunch of portraits there. There's also a decent size portrait pack here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ihmv...20Portraits.zip Some very nice portraits here too: http://www.jasonseow.com/poeportraits
  6. Yeah, that's a visual bug affecting all grimoires. I think it only happens when you inspect them from the combat log? I know I've seen a normal looking grimoire, either equipped or in the stash
  7. The combat mechanics are different enough in the first that adding tb mode would be a big job, so I wouldn't count on it. Would be nice though
  8. I had that same problem. The exit's on the bottom right of the screen Note: if that's how you've been trying to leave, that IS a bug
  9. Hmm maybe. I thought of them as her version of the Eyeless. But then maybe Eyeless could be considered Abydon godlikes?
  10. Same dialogue, pretty much. I imagine an in-character reason would be that he's not willing to give Eothas the benefit of the doubt after how destructive his reappearance was, and he's wary of Xoti because he doesn't get how her faith in Gaun can persist in the face of what he's doing
  11. They're all separate adventures so there's no real playing order you need to worry about. A couple of things to know though: Seeker Slayer Survivor is only available towards the end of the main quest (after the quest "He Waits in Fire") while the other two can be done sooner- Beast Of Winter is available right from the start, Forgotten Sanctum requires a little exploration towards the southish east of the world map. Release order is probably the best order, if only because each DLC is higher-level than the one before it- Beast Of Winter is recommended for around level 14, Seeker etc. f
  12. That's not really something you can do with these games, sadly- the data you'd need to access to make a plot is in the engine and can't really be edited. I think the Infinity Engine games are a lot more moddable that way. Or possibly Neverwinter Nights
  13. Side note: I can't believe that jackass Tayn tried to literally plant the godseed in the ground. Hey, at least the power is in safe hands.
  14. It did! I just finished a playthrough and the Forgotten Sanctum slides are fully voiced. As is Ydwin's new dialogue at Ukaizo, and the... interaction between Wael and Eothas
  15. There's also a scripted interaction scene and an item labeled "laxi" in the game files; at a guess they're planning on actually doing something with the Crown Of The Exiled Queen
  16. It might not be on gog yet; it's on steam right now. It isn't in the beta, it's in the full patch out today. Install the latest patch and then just select turn-based when starting a new game
  17. Any ETA on the VO for Forgotten Sanctum? I'm waiting to finish up my playthrough until all the ending slides are voiced. Turn-based mode will give me plenty to do while I wait :D
  18. There's also some ground-level renders of scenes like the Pillars 1 loading screens. At a guess they decided not to go with them because there aren't very many (mainly Tikaware/Poko Kahara and Neketaka) but I think a small selection of loading screens would be better than one
  19. My only gripe is that time spent implementing a turn-based mode is time that could have been spent fixing bugs instead
  20. Any future Obsidian game will also only have a monetary purpose because they're hoping people will buy the game. Every past Obsidian game as well. Every product you ever bought, in fact. Welcome to capitalism.
  21. With Eothas's challenge giving you a very strict time limit it might be literally impossible
  22. I'm curious about this. There are two possibilities I see: 1) the programmers have managed to create the turn-based system such that it can read the standard data and "convert" it to turn-based, so modders don't need to do anything(and the programmers don't have to manually make a turn-based version of every attack and ability in the game) 2) they just haven't put all the turn-based data up yet because the patch isn't out yet. Generally BMac puts modding patch notes up ahead of the patch itself, during the beta. In this case TB mode isn't in the data, so there may be patch notes up tod
  23. Eder has a funny comment elsewhere in the infested section: "What do you think words taste like? Paper, I suppose."
  24. That would be fun, but yeah other party members also refer to things that never happened at that point
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