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  1. Jobs suck and a president who creates more of them them is not worthy of my vote. Yang Gang.
  2. They said in January that the team was very small now, which is to be expected 8+ months after the release of a single player game. So yeah, I'd expect the team that's left is busy
  3. Good Old Games, a digital storefront run by the same company who make the Witcher games. They've got a decent selection DRM free at gog.com
  4. Maybe spell/ability levels? The only other "enchantment levels" I can think of would be quality on weapons, which is in no way tied to character level E: NS is, ahem, a rude way of saying "that is obvious". The N stands for "no"...
  5. Yes, it will. The expansion raises the level cap to 16, and adds a new area you can travel to after meeting the Leaden Key in the Defiance Bay catacombs. All the expansion content is in the new areas, with two exceptions: 1) abilities are added to level-up options for all classes. You can choose these with the expansion installed once you hit the required level whether you've been to the expansion area or not 2) a new area on the Dyrwood map, near your stronghold. It's very tough, so be careful if you head that way!
  6. "They" is less unwieldy than "he or she" besides which plenty of languages have gender-neutral pronouns so I see no reason why "they" shouldn't suffice for English. I don't recall an instance of a clearly male/female character being referred to as "they" in dialogue but I'm sure you're not lying when you say it not only happened but happened often enough to upset you.
  7. There was a natural process that was hijacked by the Engwithans. Whatever they did to hijack it means that it doesn't just go back to normal with the Wheel broken- like if you dammed a river and made it go down another channel, then blocked the other channel, the dam would still be there so the water couldn't go back the way it did before
  8. You should have seen Pillars 1. I was going to say the original Fallout games too, but at over 20 years old they'd be before your time
  9. Yes, what incentive would a company have to deliver a well received product. You haven't thought this through or you would soon realise, that a company does not live in a vacuum where it's just the now that matters. A poorly rated game will affect future projects chances of getting financed by publishers, crowfunding, or whatever. Besides Obsidians history with bugs, which has already been discussed, there is no monetary, or practical gain in sloppy game design. It hampers the game development, trust in the company, and damages sales when the game is released. he's not really trying to di
  10. Obsidian games have always been like this, some much worse. In this case, the game was released before it was ready and due to low sales the post-release support was limited. This doesn't have anything to do with crowdfunding.
  11. In terms of game flow, Ashen Maw kicks off the endgame of the story. FS makes sense to do after, SSS can only be done after. In terms of challenge BOW is probably at least as hard as anything in Ashen Maw, but is probably better done before
  12. There's the "ultimate" challenge which disables mods and requires you to play solo on the hardest mode with all other challenges available, maybe another boss (they initially planned 5) then that'll probably be it. Someone poking around in the game files suggested they may add another map with some vendors like the Deck Of Many Things, but they may just have been making it up or looking at cut content
  13. They don't all have to want to die, just the people in charge
  14. If you have a save from before you reported back to the Principi you can go with another faction. You're not tied to them until you give the ghost ship to them
  15. I'm pretty sure the ultimate is literally impossible. You can't have the Eothas time limit AND beat every major encounter in the game
  16. If they were really gods their origin story wouldn't matter and Thaos wouldn't have to run around shutting people up for centuries
  17. Ooh or that the girl destroyed the village and the Hand Occult altered people's memories to make them think the archmages did it
  18. Sure, but why does he want to make Woedica more powerful? Because she'll stamp out animancy. Why does he want animancy stamped out? Because the gods were created by animancy, so if it's allowed to get much more advanced the gods' creation will be exposed. Why does he want to conceal the gods' creation? Consider that when you talk with him at the end he says that life without the gods would be hollow and meaningless, just souls being ground down by a natural process. He's not speaking hypothetically, he himself found out there were no gods and he's talking about how it affected him.
  19. Okay, lets say that was the case, the question remains; how are people I just started talking to able to know my name?The player character is known among the ruling class for being one of them back in the Dyrwood, and known among the common people in Neketaka for causing a spectacle upon arriving at the city. Presumably rumour of the Watcher spread around the Deadfire from there. I don't recall any instances of someone knowing you without referring to either of those events- in fact I don't recall any instances at all of anyone knowing my character's name without having been introduced first-
  20. I guess don't drag and drop things onto your character portrait. Why did you fill your inventory back up after making space?
  21. The gods do exist, but they aren't gods. They're immensely powerful constructs created by the mass sacrifice of the Engwithans- that's why there are no Engwithans any more, their souls were used as raw material to create the gods. One argument that's come up since the game's release is whether they should be considered gods anyway- they are powerful, after all. Within the game, though, this question doesn't matter. Thaos is one of the ancient Engwithans, and he was driven to despair by finding out there were no gods. As far as he's concerned, people need gods because they need to believe t
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