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  1. Why does P.O.E 2 have to go through a complete download and reload each time I try to play the game?
  2. Why does P.O.E have to completely reload itself everytime I use it?
  3. Why does POE 2 have to be re-installed every other time I try to Play the Game. Yes I own the Game. I am a 78 year old long time rpg player. I really like the game however every other time I want to play the Game it has to be re-installed. What if anything can I do to stop this hassle?
  4. Every time I want to play the game it has to update itself with same download update that is installed. I am a 78 year old gamer and have been since computers came out. This a great game but I hate it now because when I want to play it has download the same update that is alredy installed. HELP. my e-mail is Leocbcmc@Hotmail.com
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